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COEO – Tonic Edits Vol. 5 [TOYT064]

The Toy Tonics crew is known for being addicted to two things: vintage music machines and old vinyl. 100% music aficionados. On the „Tonic Edits“ series the crew shares some of their favorite old tracks – in a reworked version.
This time COEO get back in time. They destroyed a couple of 1970ies disco jams. Recut & repasted them. And gave them their special COEO touch. Of course it’s irresistible!
This release comes on vinyl only first. Later maybe could be out on selected Digital sellers.. not sure yet.

RELEASED 2017-05-19


Vinyl only:


PODCAST NR 9 – Kapote

Mr. Kapote comes back with a new EP and this little mixtape on Toy Tonics.

Kapote is a Jazz man. He collects rare 1970ies Jazz and Funk vinyl. And he loves to construct dancefloor tunes out of samples from these rare records – Adding his own Rhodes piano chords, new basslines and livedrums to the tracks.
His new mixtape goes in a similar direction. Funk Freestyle. It’s eclectic – as DJs used to call this DJ style in the 90ies.
In this case: Unreleased tunes by Kapote, Black Loops, Okidoki. Old 70ies Funk (Azymuth’s classic Limmertz song and a remake of George Benson that was released on a Toy Tonics Edit vinyl only) and some new tracks by Toy Tonics friends. Good vibes.

Listen on Spotify

1. Kapote – Tell Tony (Toy Tonics)
2. George Benson – On Broadway (Mercury Edit) (Toy Tonics)
3. Alma Negra – Endless Summer
4. Azymth – Limmertz
5. Kiwi – We Are Here (Toy Tonics)
6. Confidence Man – Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
7. Oki Doki – I Want You (Xinobi Remix) (Gomma)
8. Black Loops – Le Mirage (Toy Tonics)
9. John Sable – Light
10. Aristocat – Only
11. Kapote – L.O.V.E. (Toy Tonics)
12. Ghost Outside (Kapote Secret Edit)
13. Low Ride – Sukkk It 2 Me (DJ Steef Edit)

Kapote – The Body Move [TOYT066]

Monsieur KAPOTE comes back with another deep funk house EP on Toy Tonics. Slap Bass, Wurlitzer Jazz Pianos, Old school house drum machines, nasty talks. This new three- tracker continues the vibe of his last single „The Nose“ (that went no.1 on Traxsource and Juno and is still getting hammered by DJs from all kind of scenes).
This is slow grooving dance music. Nothing is stressy here. Jazz funk inspired mid-tempo house with live played bass, keyboards and lot of warm harmonies. Played with a high musical level. Pure quality. In fact Kapote used to play keyboards and bass in Jazz bands before getting absorbed by dance music culture. He is a big fan of late 60ies Hard Bob Jazz as well as 1970ies Jazz Funk and Disco. You can feel these vibes in all of his tracks.
Besides producing his own music Kapote also is running Toy Tonics records with his buddies Manuel Kim and Munk.

RELEASED 2017-04-21






Kiwi from London just released a track on our Mushroom House series. He likes what we do and we like what he does – so it makes sense he joins the Toy Tonics podcast series. Check his mix – he has the TT vibe!

Listen on Spotify

1) Nic Lyon – Apollo
2) Tabo’s Project – Feel
3) Unknown – Weight Limit
4) Soul Keita – Dusties N 808s
5) Unknown – Unknown
6) Shoot – Head Under Water
7) Kiwi- We Are Here (Atunde)
8) Saitana – Love Fever
9) Newcleus – Automan (Dub)
10) Kiwi – Unknown (unreleased)
11) John Wayne’s – Take me Out
12) Paladin – Third World
13) Uyajola – Ozias
14) Roisin Murphy – Ancora Ancora Ancora (Severino & Nico De Ceglia Remix)
15) Locasaolus – Next to You (Kiwi Remix) (unreleased)
16) In Flagranti – My Sordid Little Affair
17) The The – Giant

Mushroom House EP3 [TOYT063]

Mushroom House is the Toy Tonics series for house and electronic music with an weirdo-afro-psychedelic touch. Only exclusive productions. EP 3 includes 4 tracks:
Ponty Mython from Dirt Crew delivers a fabulous old school disco percussion jam. Pure 80ies New York style.
Kiwi from London comes with a tune that is far away from that electronic sound he had on his last EP for FutureBoogie. For Mushroom House he made a mid tempo track with heavy drum solo inside that will make people scream on your dancefloor.
On the flip side, RED AXES present an abstract Arabian Electo rework of Munk’s “Bolero Bunuel”.
And then there is a track by the Barking Dogs from Milan/Italy. They run one of the best record stores in Italy (Serendeepity Records) and organize events all over their country. In the basement of their shop they have a great studio with a collection of analogue synths and drum machines. Doing their weird edits and tunes. They teamed up with friend Tom Trago to make a vintage house track.

RELEASED 2017-03-10


Out now Beatport:



COEO – Mydonna [TOYT062]

Here comes the new COEO 3 tracker. Exactly what we hoped for: Very New York Loft House. Mid tempo Funk. Nasty dancefloor bombs – based on smoothly rolling, MPC cutted drum breaks. Lot of filters and lots of warm chords inside.

This is the 4th COEO EP on Toy Tonics. Time to tell who they are:
Andy & Flo come from a village two hours from Munich. Where people wear Lederhosen and stuff. The boys were outsiders. Being the only ones loving skate culture and buying hip hop vinyl. Enough is enough – they moved to Munich and started to hang out with the guys from Schlachthofbronx. Learning tricks and doing the first DJ gigs in the Bass scene. Till they played a gig with Diplo. They decided: Bass and Trap sound wasn’t their thing. Neither the German Deep House Techno. Andy & Flo come from Hip Hop, they had a MPC and lots of old records: of course the right decision was: House music. The black version – with lots of funk samples. The New York Vibe. This was their thing!
After meeting with the Toy Tonics crew things took off. Now, two years later, the boys had several no. 1 hits in the Traxsource and Juno House charts. DJs from all kind of scenes are playing their tracks. Andi & Flo are not outsiders in the village anymore, but part of a growing new scene of German producers – friends who make music in a funky, analogue way. With lots of love for Jazz and Disco.
When COEO make a track, they work like Old School Hip Hop producers: They always start with the beats. Then they cut the samples in a way that rarely you would recognize the original song. COEO tracks often consist of up to 50 different bits of records layered one over another. This creates these special loops. Listen to their two most successful tracks: „Native Riddim“ and „Back in the days“ – that special rolling house groove immediately makes you move.. you get in a good mood. It’s that warm, early 1970ies atmosphere that reminded labels like CTI. Where the bassline and the rhodes piano chords where the foundation of the piece.
You can feel the joy that the COEO boys probably have in the studio …and in their life. Good mood guys. They guys seem to spend their complete life with music: They told that Andy is a student for sound- engineering and Flo seems to have the best job in the world: teaching schoolgirls electronic music production.

RELEASED 2017-02-03


Out now Traxsource:



PODCAST NR 7 – Manuel Kim

New TT podcast​ ​from the Toy Tonics homebase: Manuel Kim. Co-head of Toy Tonics, clever boy behind Munich’s finest freestyle House ​clubnight​ Charlie XRAY and probably one of the deepest experts in house music u can meet.
His new podcast features ​some recent and forthcoming TT tracks​, ​current favorites by​ ​the likes of Project Pablo and Folamour and some classics by Andres, St Germain and Demonstration.

Listen on Spotify

1) Kiwi – We Are Here (forthcoming on Toy Tonics)
2) COEO – Nigerian Affair
3) Ponty Mython – Bazarr
4) Rafael Cancian – Obi Anuri
5) 3 Winans Brothers – I Choose You (Vega Axel Solo Mix)
6) Folamour – Dream To Love
7) Orlando Julius – Disco Hi Life (COEO Edit)
8) Cymande – Brothers On The Slide (Bonar Bradberry Edit)
9) Demonstration – Hope
10) Kapote – The Nose
11) St Germain – So Flute
12) Bob James – Spunky (Alkalino Edit)
13) Andres – You’re Still The One
14) COEO – Coast To Coast
15) Project Pablo – Enough

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Kian T – Room 69 [TOYT059]

Mysterious producer KIAN T is a crazy guy – living in a lonely house on a top of a hill somewhere in Italy. Surrounded by a collection of rare old synths and vintage samplers, a little dog and the best red wine of Italy. Kian T is making beats all day long. That’s his life.

He started his career on Toy Tonics last year and now is back with an own EP – full of that fucked up, jazz influenced cut & paste House sound that is taking over the house world since last year. Similar to his friends Rhode & Brown, Fouk, Nachtbraker or the guys around OYE records in Berlin he loves to create this special way of sampling old Jazz records and using rare vintage synthesizers instead of digital computer sounds. Just listen to the „normal“ deep house records of the last years and compare it with the sound of Kian T. Using these old synths makes a big difference. You can hear it on every of his tunes: There is no cheap sound here – everything is FAT and has a very warm, personal, always easy to recognize sound-aesthetic: courtesy of the four synthesizers he uses: The Korg Polysix, the Sequential Prophet600, a Roland Juno 60, and the legendary Oberheim Matrix 6. And courtesy of the way he mixes his tracks: not in the laptop – but the old way: on a fat old mixing desk. That’s why he has that massive sound.

RELEASED 2016-12-16


Exclusive on Traxsource:



PODCAST NR 6 – Kapote

Here is your new Toy Tonics mixtape. Made by Mr. Kapote – who just released his new EP „Get Down Brother“ on Toy Tonics.
The mix starts mid tempo with Adesse Version’s last Toy Tonics single and goes on quite ecclectic – switching fast between the styles. From heavy electro percussion tracks (Moscoman Pecking Lights remix) to more discoish bombs (an unreleased Dimitri from Paris track!). In the last 30 minutes our friend Kapote then gets totally out of control an plays some indie dance underground goodies that you wouldn’t expect in such a set: Zongamin and Buddy Rich’s Jazz Dance killer songs „The Beat Goes on“…

Listen on Spotify

1. Adesse Versions – After Hours
2. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Don’t You Feel The Same
3. Chaos In The CBD – Observe (Part 2)
4. Moscoman – Mexican Cola Bottle Baby
5. Zhut & Kapote – Afro Rico
6. Rhode & Brown – The A
7. Kapote – The Nose
8. Crooked Man – Preset
9. ?
10. Black Spuma – Gabula
11. Project Pablo – Always
12. The All Seeing I – Beat goes On
13. Zongamin – Tunnel Music
14. Hiltmeyer Inc. – Pornhaus
15. Max D – Hummingbird
16. Kapote – Kabale