PODCAST NR 7 – Manuel Kim

New TT podcast​ ​from the Toy Tonics homebase: Manuel Kim. Co-head of Toy Tonics, clever boy behind Munich’s finest freestyle House ​clubnight​ Charlie XRAY and probably one of the deepest experts in house music u can meet.
His new podcast features ​some recent and forthcoming TT tracks​, ​current favorites by​ ​the likes of Project Pablo and Folamour and some classics by Andres, St Germain and Demonstration.

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1) Kiwi – We Are Here (forthcoming on Toy Tonics)
2) COEO – Nigerian Affair
3) Ponty Mython – Bazarr
4) Rafael Cancian – Obi Anuri
5) 3 Winans Brothers – I Choose You (Vega Axel Solo Mix)
6) Folamour – Dream To Love
7) Orlando Julius – Disco Hi Life (COEO Edit)
8) Cymande – Brothers On The Slide (Bonar Bradberry Edit)
9) Demonstration – Hope
10) Kapote – The Nose
11) St Germain – So Flute
12) Bob James – Spunky (Alkalino Edit)
13) Andres – You’re Still The One
14) COEO – Coast To Coast
15) Project Pablo – Enough

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Kian T – Room 69 [TOYT059]

Mysterious producer KIAN T is a crazy guy – living in a lonely house on a top of a hill somewhere in Italy. Surrounded by a collection of rare old synths and vintage samplers, a little dog and the best red wine of Italy. Kian T is making beats all day long. That’s his life.

He started his career on Toy Tonics last year and now is back with an own EP – full of that fucked up, jazz influenced cut & paste House sound that is taking over the house world since last year. Similar to his friends Rhode & Brown, Fouk, Nachtbraker or the guys around OYE records in Berlin he loves to create this special way of sampling old Jazz records and using rare vintage synthesizers instead of digital computer sounds. Just listen to the „normal“ deep house records of the last years and compare it with the sound of Kian T. Using these old synths makes a big difference. You can hear it on every of his tunes: There is no cheap sound here – everything is FAT and has a very warm, personal, always easy to recognize sound-aesthetic: courtesy of the four synthesizers he uses: The Korg Polysix, the Sequential Prophet600, a Roland Juno 60, and the legendary Oberheim Matrix 6. And courtesy of the way he mixes his tracks: not in the laptop – but the old way: on a fat old mixing desk. That’s why he has that massive sound.

RELEASED 2016-12-16


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PODCAST NR 6 – Kapote

Here is your new Toy Tonics mixtape. Made by Mr. Kapote – who just released his new EP „Get Down Brother“ on Toy Tonics.
The mix starts mid tempo with Adesse Version’s last Toy Tonics single and goes on quite ecclectic – switching fast between the styles. From heavy electro percussion tracks (Moscoman Pecking Lights remix) to more discoish bombs (an unreleased Dimitri from Paris track!). In the last 30 minutes our friend Kapote then gets totally out of control an plays some indie dance underground goodies that you wouldn’t expect in such a set: Zongamin and Buddy Rich’s Jazz Dance killer songs „The Beat Goes on“…

Listen on Spotify

1. Adesse Versions – After Hours
2. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Don’t You Feel The Same
3. Chaos In The CBD – Observe (Part 2)
4. Moscoman – Mexican Cola Bottle Baby
5. Zhut & Kapote – Afro Rico
6. Rhode & Brown – The A
7. Kapote – The Nose
8. Crooked Man – Preset
9. ?
10. Black Spuma – Gabula
11. Project Pablo – Always
12. The All Seeing I – Beat goes On
13. Zongamin – Tunnel Music
14. Hiltmeyer Inc. – Pornhaus
15. Max D – Hummingbird
16. Kapote – Kabale

PODCAST NR 5 – Lancelot

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1. The Trails You Left Behind – Space Dimension Controller
2. Thinking Allowed – Tornado Wallace
3. Robotic Temptation – Fantastic Man
4. Bounty Hunting (Carreno is LB and Javi Redondo Remix) – Remain
5. As It Were (Ishi Vu Remix) – Lancelot
6. Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir – Musiccargo
7. 7am In The Afternoon – Lancelot
8. Unknown
9. Noh Ngamebo – Arto Mwambe
10. Jellyfish and Bellyache – The Zars
11. Glock and Roll – Kowton
12. DJ Safety Track – Suzanne Kraft
13. Unknown
14. Malako Disco – Samba Mapalanga (DS rework)
15. Hold Your Head Up – House of Jazz

Kapote – Get Down Brother [TOYT060]

Kapote loves the funk. And he loves Blaxploitation movies. The black underground cinema from the 1970ies. Kapote samples dirty talk from these movies and puts it on his bass lines. Melodic bass lines with a heavy 1970 funk vibe. Bass lines that can create a sexual tension. Kapote adds a few warm, jazzy Rhodes piano chords and a lot of reverbs and filtering. And the music rolls. Often more like a jam then like a constructed piece of music. In the highest points this music is pure endorphin. It’s 4 to the floor – but it has a soulful analogue sound. Kapote says he was listening to records from old Detroit label Red Planet and Parisian downtempo pioneers Motorbass and La Funk Mob while making this record. And yes, the vibe is there.
Like these guys Kapote likes to build his musical trips around snippets from old funk vinyl. Adding beats with vintage drum machines and creating an eclectic trip into a universe full of jazzy bits, noisy drums and dirty samples.
Btw: „Uhh baby“ was co-produced and mixed my Howie B.

RELEASED 2016-11-25


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TOYT061: Rhode & Brown – Snabsnus EP

Toy Tonics’ main men Rhode & Brown are back with a new EP full of their very special, funk influenced, analogue sounding dance tracks. The two guys are part of that new, growing German scene of producers that are interested in the more jazz and analogue orientated and weird side of house music. As their label Toy Tonics is. Rhode & Brown’s new „Snabsnus“ EP shows a great range of their musical inspirations: funky acid basslines, hazy breakbeats, rare soul-samples – and this very special nasty atmosphere that is becoming their trademark sound.

Rhode & Brown have made this new EP in a little house in L’estrechure – in the south of France. You can feel the chilled vibe of the Provence here. It got that positive, soulful atmosphere.
Fun fact: When the boys met in 2010 they were selling each other electronic equipment. There was a mistake and they started to fight. While fighting they realised they have the same musical interests, style ideas and passions. And here we are in 2016: They released 3 EPs on Toy Tonics + tracks on Let’s Play House, Needwant, Rose Records from Leipzig. And now they even started their own label Slam City Jams.

Yes, 2016 is a good year for Friedrich Trede and Stephan Braun aka Rhode & Brown: They are part of that new Munich crew around Charlie Club, Toy Tonics, Public Possession. All people that are obsessed with obscure vinyl, analogue equipment and experimenting with different unusual forms of House music and electronic Funk. These different forms of FunkHouse music are exploding everywhere right now: In Berlin with the The Money Sex crew, in Sweden Studio Barnhus or Australia with the guys from Voyage records. All connected – all in the similar vibe.

RELEASED 2016-10-28


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TOYT058: Adesse Versions – Devoted EP

Adesse Versions coming on Toy Tonics! After some heavy releases on Numbers, Local Talk, Make Love In Public Spaces and his own white-label imprint, Kevin Gorman brings us four new raw, heavydriving, superfunky cut-and-paste- Housetracks. Killers!

Adesse Versions started as a re-edit project while Kevin lived in Vietnam. It grew quickly, getting him big fame for being the guy playing just dubplates with unknown crazy music only he had. (Check his Boiler Room). Gilles Peterson, Derrick May and Larry Heard are fans.

Adesse Versions is all about paying tribute to his musical idols and creating timeless music. Through rough sampling and raw emotion and as a DJ and collector. He is an artist that has toured the world many times over. Exclusive edits are a staple, alongside a wide selection of music that comes from a deep knowledge and love of what he does. To hear this in action, check out the monthly Adesse Versions show on Rinse FM.

RELEASED 2016-09-29


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TOYT050: Mushroom House Compilation

Toy Tonics records presents MUSHROOM HOUSE – a compilation full of Afro & Ethno/House and psychedelic Techno. Exclusive new music by Auntie Flo, Hyenah, DJ Koze, Kapote, Daniel Avery, Munk & Rebolledo and others. 15 exclusive tracks that combine elements from recent deep disco, house and electronica with sounds and vibes from Africa, Arabia or other unusual references.

Mushroom House features several African influences jams by Auntie Flo, Kapote, Haaksman. Some other tracks sound like the artists took an LSD trip while making the track (Capablanca‘s „Acido“ or Munk & Rebolledo‘s „Surf Smurf“). You have tracks that are more on the Weirdo-Techno side of things (Daniel Avery, Alien Alien from Multi Culti). You have the Afro House shooting stars Hyenah (a current favorite of the scene’s main man Black Coffee). And there is this great remix by Panorama Bar regular Massimiliano Pagliara (remixing Barotti‘s masterpiece „She Once Knew“).

It’s 2016 and it’s time to bring more different flavors in dancemusic. The Toy Tonics crew is doing it’s part and adds (one more time) a fresh edge to the actual state of house music.

RELEASED 2016-09-02

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Get the 12″es:
EP1 https://toytonics.bandcamp.com/album/mushroom-house-ep1
EP2 https://toytonics.bandcamp.com/album/mushroom-house-ep2


Mushroom House EP2 [TOYT054]

Toy Tonics going Afro House. The Mushroom House compilation series part brings 4 unreleased tracks. Including two of the most relevant names of the growing scene: Auntie Flo from UK and mysterious producer Hyenah. Hyenah is a favourite of the scene’s main man Black Coffee and DJs like Dixon and the Innervisions circle are heavy fans. Also on this EP a new track by Toy Tonics very own Zhut & Kapote. Kids from Berlin with a good buzz right now. Inside their track Afro Rico an Senegalese child choir meets some Zappaesque Marimbas going crazy… And as a bonus track you find Munk‘s Nigerian Jam: A Nigerian Funk band rolling over an heavy disco beat. Very deep, but very effective.

RELEASED 2016-08-29