Gome – Home Skooling EP [TOYT130]
STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Germany is not known for soul music, but some of the hottest disco artists of the 1970ies and 80ies were based in Germany. To be …
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Delfonic & Kapote – Illegal Jazz Vol. 2.1 [IJR002.1]
The world needs more Dancefloor Jazz! Toy Tonics main man KAPOTE and former OYE Records selector DELFONIC teamed up to bring it to you. Both have a great vinyl collection …
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Lost Toy Tonics Mixes [TOYT131]
Toy Tonics come up with the LOST TOY TONICS MIXES EP. These tracks came out on Toy Tonics as digital releases or bonus tracks over the last years. As they …
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