Cody Currie Releases

Cody Currie – Moves EP [TOYT113]


London born, Berlin living Cody Currie comes with his first solo EP on Toy Tonics.
The first of a couple of EPs he will do on his musical journey with the German label crew. Cody is a special talent. People who follow the new UK Dance-Jazz scene know him already. He studied music in London, before jumping into releasing music on labels like Razor n Tape & Classic Music Company that made him instantly one of the key names to follow among the new generation of producers that connect Jazz, Soul with House, broken beats and futuristic elements.
Cody moved to Berlin 2 years ago and instantly connected with the young growing jazz oriented scene over there. He met US jazz pianist Joel Holmes. 4 times Grammy nominated former keyboarder of the legendary Roy Hargrove band and Carl Craig’s synthesizer ensemble. Also living in Berlin now.
Together they released two EPs on Toy Tonics last year that created a certain buzz.
After that releases Toy Tonics and Cody decided to go on together. And so here you get MOVES.

Four moody broken beat tracks (+ a house version of Moves).
The lead song “Moves” features Rinse FM radio host Eliza Rose on the mic. Other features are London born jazz talents Andreas Kon & Ally McMahon.

On this EP, Cody moves into an atmospheric garage-y broken beat territory as an ode to his London roots. Rich chords, catchy hooks and hard hitting rhythms.

RELEASED 2021-02-12

Edit Series Kapote Releases

Toy Tonics Edit Series part 8: Kapote Euro Disco Reworks

Toy Tonics loves Europe. And so we thought it could be nice to make a musical statement: Let’s give a little sign in these times of Brexit and Anti-European autocratic tendencies in many European countries:
So our brother Kapote made the EURO DISCO REWORKS.
5 rare European disco and new wave tracks from the 1980ies. From Italy, Germany, England, Spain and Turkey (Yes, we want Turkey in Europe, but without their dictator Erdogan).
Please enjoy these reworks that Kapote made for his own DJ sets (years ago) – and now we release for the end of the year – just on BANDCAMP. For a limited period. That shit is a bomb!



Kapote pres Mushroom House Vol 1 [TOYT115]


The MUSHROOM HOUSE compilation is a collection of balearic, afro and cosmic tracks that have been released on Toy Tonics EPs over the last 5 years. Original tracks and remixes by friends of the label: Auntie Flo, Rebolledo, Hyenah, Daniel Avery, WhoMadeWho & DJ Koze, Munk … and there is also legendary italian cosmic DJ Baldelli featured.
All these tracks are exclusively produced for Toy Tonics. A few had been already released before on Gomma records. The now sleeping indie-electronica label that was the „mother“ of Toy Tonics. It’s fun to see that these tracks seem not to get old. They sound still fresh and ace. Like the DJ Koze remix of WhoMadeWho or Munk’s Nigerian Jam. Now they all come together on double vinyl. Vinyl comes Including the new 60 page TOY TONICS MAGAZINE no 1.

RELEASED 2020-11-20

COEO Releases

COEO – Piano Workout [TOYT114]


COEO are back on Toy Tonics! After uninterrupted touring around the globe, followed by a short creative break the guys come back with an even stronger sound. With the new EP they go more underground again. Its addressed to the clubs and night owls out there, who turn night into day and won’t stop dancing!

The sound is based on classic house patterns and includes a lot of cool saxophones, big piano stabs & rhythmic piano solos. They even go tribal, use arpeggios and switch into breakbeat heaven. The four Originals are a great next step in the COEO evolution. The unique warm, catchy atmosphere of the tracks can create that special COEO euphoria which made them a lot of fans. From Moodymann to Disclosure, Mall Grab to Kenny Dope, the list is long.

It’s fantastic to see how popular they became over the last couple of years. The last COEO vinyl sold over 2500 copies and some of their tracks have millions of Spotify plays. It’s DJ FOOD. Pure bliss!

“Sorry For The Late Reply” contains a sample of “Was It Just A Game” by Solution Feat Tafuri, licensed courtesy of VJS Productions.
Writers: Victor Simonelli and Andrea Tafuri , Publishers; Simonelli Music and No Idea Music
Vocals by Andrea Tafuri. Vocals Produced and Recorded by Victor Simonelli for VJS Prod

RELEASED 2020-10-16

Kosmo Kint Releases Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown feat. Kosmo Kint – Thru The Night [TOYT112S]


Munich DJs & producers Rhode & Brown teamed up with singer Kosmo Kint. NYC born and now Berlin living vocalist that already appeared on two Toy Tonics EPs last year by Mangabey and Sam Ruffillo (Ride my bike!!). This time the music goes deeper. Light swinging beats by Rhode & Brown and that beautiful chords define the base for what Kosmo adds in his catchy NY Neo-Soul style. It reminds of the stuff that Channel Tres and Yaeji are doing, but adds a more R&B, east-cost vibe to it. The beat has a slight 2 step feel or could also come from the Detroit bass universe. But it was made in Germany and is a nice example on how different influences and vibes can come together nowadays in the danceworld.

RELEASED 2020-09-25

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – PHB Remix EP [TOYT111]


Four Remixes from the new album of New York’s Phenomenal Handclap Band. The perfect band for the new “organic dance music” and “Nu Disco” wave.
NYC Disco legend Danny Krivit made a hot disco edit. Cooper Saver from the Westcoast serves a breakbeat club version that kicks ass and Ray Mang, London’s legendary man for effective disco and funky house, delivers a fresh disco version of Judge Not.

RELEASED 2020-09-04

Releases Top Tracks

Top Tracks Vol. 8 [TOYT109]


Toy Tonics Top Tracks are the label’s most relevant tracks of the last year. They are released every august on one compilation. Last year was crazy for the label. Vinyl sales exploded and almost every TT record had to be repressed 1 or 2 times. Some Toy Tonics records sold over 2500 copies (Phenomenal Handclap Band, COEO, Kapote). And if Corona would not have happened 2020 would have seen Toy Tonics Jams all over Europe every weekend with Residencies at clubs like XOYO, London and Griessmühle, Berlin. The events are rescheduled and will happen in 2021. Meanwhile Toy Tonics has released a couple of big tracks. They are all collected on this compilation. Neo Soul House, Future Disco and organic dance music by Cody Currie, Joel Holmes, Kosmo Kint, Magou, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Kapote, COEO, Mangabey, Sam Ruffillo, Rhode & Brown, Sano & Munk.

RELEASED 2020-08-07

Releases Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown – Sumthin Redux [TOYT101S]


Rhode & Brown deliver a 4 minute super catchy, good vibes, summer neo- disco tune. It’s a presingle from the upcoming Toy Tonics Top Tracks compilation – coming out on august 7th. Featuring the 10 most popular Toy Tonics songs of the year.

RELEASED 2020-07-31

Kapote Releases

Kapote – Get Down Brother 2020 [TOYT090S2]


This is a short version of a nasty hip house track that Toy Tonics boss Kapote released on his “What it is” album from last year. The track only got released as a long version. But the track got so much feedback that it made sense to make this new short version.

RELEASED 2020-07-17

Releases Sam Ruffillo

Sam Ruffillo – Sport House [TOYT108]


In times when nightlife is impossible, it makes sense to find new concepts: New Toy Tonics artist Sam Ruffillo from Italy had the right idea: He made an uptempo disco EP for daytime fun. Putting house into a Sport context. And it works. After sending his demos to the label, Toy Tonics boss Kapote joined him in the studio and brought the new Toy Tonics vocalist Kosmo Kint with him. They re-arranged Sam’s tunes, added some hot vocals and here is the result: 4 deep & funky jazz house tracks. recorded with a lot of real instruments (bass, keys, guitars..) and combined with the sound of vintage drum machines. The new italian dance wave is coming up strong.

RELEASED 2020-07-10