Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – PHB [TOYT110]


New York’s indie disco crew is back with a new album. And it’s the right moment!
With new acts like Toro Y Moi, Sault, Parcels, The Internet – the funky, disco, old school vibe is big in 2020.
And Phenomenal Handclap Band fits perfectly in the scene. With their vintage, eclectic, colorful analog dance music. A nasty fusion of forward-thinking disco, yacht rock and gipsy soul.

The band has a history: Some of the bandmembers played in Mark Ronson’s projects and in Amy Winehouse’s last band. Their self-titled debut album on Gomma records 2010 made them many fans in the music scene. Back then the band took the road, supporting Bryan Ferry and Franz Ferdinand, playing shows at Glastonbury, Wireless, and Latitude… as well as getting praise from Sir Paul McCartney about their album on BBC Radio 1!
After their debut album bandleader Daniel Collás began to produce other artists in his studio in Brooklyn. The band paused. Now they are back. With Daniel Collás in the centre, along with new members: multi-instrumentalist Juliet Swango, and vocalist and synthesizer wizard Monika Heidemann.

The new album is still analog dance music. Funk and Disco with an emphasis on raw soul, vocal harmonies, African percussion, fuzzy guitars and analog synthesizers. The album starts with slow motion disco (Skyline) that makes you feel you driving towards Manhattan coming from Brooklyn (where the band lives). Turning into dirty punk-funk vibes (Remain Silent) the switch to almost Italopop influences (Riot, Do what u like) that remind Rimini, the late 80ies.
But the album has also other shades: some almost Zappa-esque moments or house-like drumparts. And, in the end: real hippy disco! (The Healer).

The first 2 new singles from the album came last year on Toy Tonics.
They became a favorite of DJs like Harvey, Artwork, Disclosure, Gerd Janson, Busy P, Demuja…
Gilles Peterson voted „Judge Not” one of his favorite tracks of the year.
They had a good start. Now its the right time for the album.

RELEASED 2020-05-15

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Do What You Like [TOYT110S3]


A pre-release song to the upcoming album of Phenomenal Handclap Band. The New York indie discoteers that fit perfectly into 2020’s new funk & dance band scenario. People who like Toro Y Moi, Sault, Parcels, The Internet, Kaytranada will love the band. Their new song will increase the buzz. A song that combines influences from Talking Heads to Todd Terje. New school dance funk.
The Phenomenal Handclap Band consists of heavy cats from the NYC scene. Some played in Mark Ronsons’s projects or played in Amy Winehouse’s band back in the days. They released 4 new songs on Toy Tonics last year that became hits on disco house dance floors around the world. Support from people like Disclosure, Gilles Peterson, DJ Harvey, BBC Radio 1 and many other radios. The band will release their new album on Toy Tonics in May 2020.

RELEASED 2020-04-24

Magou Releases

Magou – Dreams [TOYT107]


This is the new Toy Tonics EP… and we going straight to the 1980ies… or is it already the 90ies? Anyway. One of our buddies called it: Loopy dream house meets synth-heavy disco! And this could fit. It’s definitely coming out of the very surreal world of Magou.
But who is Magou?
Can you keep a secret? Ha! No, you can’t.
The producer behind this record is very well known in the contemporary disco scene, but this project is so fresh it also needed a fresh name like all things on Toy Tonics. It’s all about the music. Get the record and savour the mystery.
And in case u discover the name behind Magou… because u know his vibe… let Toy Tonics know… u might get a prize!

RELEASED 2020-04-17

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Skyline [TOYT110S2]


There is a new scene of bands that mix dance grooves with Hip Hop, Funk and disco. Toro Y Moi, Sault, Kaytranada, Parcels, The Internet… Also New York’s Phenomenal Handclap band is part of that circle.
Their new song SKYLINE is a pre-release single of their upcoming album. (Album out in april on Toy Tonics).
The track mixes mid tempo disco with old school funk and balearic vibes. Very appealing to the new, young disco & house audience. The band had a couple of club hits last year with their other 3 singles on Toy Tonics. DJ’s like Harvey, Disclosure, Gilles Peterson, Artwork, Busy P, Danny Krivit and even Gerd Janson and KeineMusik supporting them. BBC Radio 1 featured their last single. This new success made them a lot of new fans.. and this song could increase their momentum even more. Release PHB LP: 15.05.2020 (digital + vinyl)

RELEASED 2020-04-03

Cody Currie Joel Holmes Releases

Cody Currie & Joel Holmes – Metropolis [TOYT106]


Here comes the second Toy Tonics EP by Joel Holmes & Cody Currie. 

The new Berlin based duo that works on a fresh musical style that combines Jazz, broken beats, Soul and NY House.
Joel, the American jazz pianist, is a former member of Roy Hargrove’s Grammy winning Jazz-Hop band and member of Carl Craig’s synthesizer ensemble. Joel is living in Berlin now, where he is involved in the new vibrant Neo-Jazz scene. (Yes! Berlin used to be a Techno city, but it’s becoming a Jazz town now!)

In Berlin Joel throws monthly jam sessions (the Urban Base Jam) where the creme de la creme of Berlins ex-pad jazz musicians meets up. Crazy things can happen here. Like when Erykah Badu played Berlin in 2019 and her complete band came to jam at Joel’s session after their gig.

Joel teamed up with Cody Currie: 24 year old London born talent, who already made waves in the house scene. Cody is known as a stylized producer, with a unique recognisable sound. Much of his craft was homed in studying a bachelors in music in London. His most known work by now might be a jazzy reinvention of ‘Devils Shoestring’ with over half a million plays on SC and YT. With his new works Cody is coming away from sampling, working only with live instrumentation.

Joel & Cody both live in Berlin now where they met Toy Tonics head honcho Mathias „Kapote“ Modica. And when they met there was a vibe instantly. All three have their roots in jazz music and share similar ideas about how dance-music should evolve in 2020. 

RELEASED 2020-03-20

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Travelers Prayer (EU Version) [TOYT110S1]


New York’s indie disco and funk crew PHENOMENAL HANDCLAP BAND is back with a new single. “TRAVELERS PRAYER” is a midtempo funk tune that appeals to both: Hip Hop heads and Disco lovers. Fans of Kaytranada, Parcels, Toro Y Moi, Vulfpeck, DJ Shadow could love it.
And probably all these artists themself are fans of the band. As The Phenomenal Handclap Band consists of legendary musicians from NYC’s funk scene. Some played with Mark Ronson and in Amy Winehouse’s backing band. The band had a debut album few years ago on Gomma records. Now they are back. Their first 2 singles on Toy Tonics became a favorite of DJs like Harvey, Artwork, Disclosure, Busy P, Demuja… Gilles Peterson voted “Judge Not” one of his favorite tracks of the year. Now here is the next single.

RELEASED 2020-03-13

Felipe Gordon

Felipe Gordon – Wait On Me [TOYT105]


Felipe Gordon from Bogota is one of THE names right now in the jazz infected house & broken beat scene that is growing so much these days. This is his 2nd EP on Toy Tonics and its a step forward for him musically: he started to include more vocals and worked with colombian vocalist Paula Pedraza. Gordon’s music is special: with his background as a colombian (with that great heritage of musicianship that the country has) and as a indie rock musician (he used to play in bands for years) – he has a very own vibe. His tracks have much more groove than lot of the sample based stuff you get to hear currently.. and his production style is more variable and musically interesting than lots of other stuff outside. Check these 4 new tracks. Especially the 2nd tool, wich adds some freshness to the current disco vibe: Binging in a punkfunk bassline that could have been made in 2005 from Disco-Not-Disco artists like Chicken Lips, Headman or Playgroup. This is Post – 90ies – Revival music :)
Be ready for Felipe Gordons hottest year in 2020. With releases on Local Talk and other hot labels also to come after Toy Tonics.

RELEASED 2020-02-21

Edit Series

Toy Tonics Edit Series part 6: Roman Truth

Our buddy Roman Truth from L.A. recently released a nice Disco EP on Jolly Jams and then sent us a couple of edits that we have been hammering the last months. Finally we decided these edits need to see the light of more dancefloors – so we decided to release them. Here they are…


Kosmo Kint Mangabey Releases

Mangabey & Kosmo Kint – Time No More / Get Lost [TOYT102]


New York vocalist Kosmo Kint joined the Toy Tonics crew. Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Kosmo has been part of the recent Brooklyn scene, singing in several projects in NYC before moving to Berlin two years ago. To find like minded people to create new lyrics driven dancemusic.

In Berlin he teamed up with the Toy Tonics boys and now TT boss Kapote and the crew are working with him in Berlin Kreuzberg to find a new R&B & Disco influenced style of electronic dance music.
The first release is a collabo between french talent Mangabey and Kosmo Kint – produced by Kapote.
The 2 songs have a chilled L.A. G Funk vibe that makes you think about certain Dr. Dre productions from the 90ies combined with some broken beats and 4 to the floor house vibes.
The song might remember some french touch tracks too and some might think about that West London early 2000 “Dego” vibe maybe. Anyway, its new and there is not a name yet for that style. Let’s see where the TT crew will bring Kosmo Kint sonically over the next years.

RELEASED 2020-01-24

Edit Series

Toy Tonics Edit Series part 5

Every couple of weeks we release some edits of rare disco tracks on our Bandcamp. This time it’s a crazy edit package of italian disco tunes that not many people might know. Not that cheesy late 1980ies Disco but the funky shit from the 1970ies… have a listen!