Kapote Kosmo Kint Releases

Kosmo Kint & Kapote – Misbehave [TOYT127]


Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote jammed with New York born soul singer Kosmo Kint… and these are the three songs they finalized.

Electric Soul? Futuristic disco? New Wave Funk? The songs have different vibes. Difficult to pin them down to a style. Ranging from soulful downtempo to more uptempo, almost 1980ies moody dance club atmospheres. Kosmo Kint, the New York born, Berlin living vocalist, has already been featured on songs of other Toy Tonics artists. Now on this EP he wrote most of the melodies while the music is completly of Kapote. Super funky baselines, warm, jazz based chord progressions, syncopated drum patterns and a quite organic feel.

It’s one of the rare Kapote releases since the album “What It Is” from 2018. Kosmo Kint and Kapote, both, will release solo albums in 2021. So this EP is a little teaser…

RELEASED 2021-10-29

COEO Releases

COEO – Music For Friends [TOYT123]


Toy Tonics main artists COEO from Munich are back. The 2 guys started their career on Toy Tonics 7 years ago and since then made a long way. Their last EP „Piano Workout“ got heavy support from DJs like Job Jobse, Kim Ann Foxman & Perel and opened a new vibe in their oeuvre: They extended their style to more Balearic, Italo, Synth funk 80ies vibes. “25 Hundred Friends” is an ironic take on Italopop and social media… and will be a song people talk about for sure. “Slipstream” could be big on festivals with its classic DX/baseline and hypnotic vibe.

“Midnight Vision” has this light Caribbean and South African influences. The vibe you could feel on Don Laka’s classic “Stages”. And fits well with everything Toy Tonics releases in its Mushroom House series. Yeah, Toy Tonics and COEO open up for even more eclectic influences and extend house music to more levels and styles.

RELEASED 2021-09-24

gome Releases

gome – Gourmet Life EP [TOYT120]


New artists on Toy Tonics! gome are an organic disco duo from Hamburg. Two guys that make good mood disco inspired by the 1980 Italo and Munich Disco vibe and share an addiction to gourmet food. Positive vibes, rolling grooves, catchy melodic bits and vocals and a lot of musicality.

For one track of the EP they invited one of Germanys most interesting underground rap artists to do a German hip house tune: Tightill. Funkiest guy from Germany on a mic.

RELEASED 2021-08-27

Releases Sam Ruffillo

Sam Ruffillo – Italianissimo EP [TOYT124]


It’s Italian time! Sam Ruffillo is back. Sicilian producer doing smooth Balearic disco with Italian vocals. The direction is clear: Sam Ruffillo’s music brings us back into the Italian riviera and the hippy days of Ibiza in the late 1970ies. Even his way of production is similar to how the early days disco producers in Italia used to work: No samples needed. Instead a few guest musicians come to jam over Sam’s beats in his Italian studio space. Guitar, bass, percussions. Sam later makes the production and added keyboard solos and put together the vibes into what is this new EP.

The girl voice comes from NINFA. It’s the classic studio story: Ninfa is a singer and DJ and friend of Sam. She was hanging at the studio while Sam was finishing these tracks. She stated to sing along… the words came up spontaneously… so they decided to record her and finally decided to keep them. The vibe was too good. Why talk English if u can do it better: in Italian! :)

This is second for Toy Tonics after his Sport House EP from last year. Sam also appeared on the solo record of Joel Holmes on Toy Tonics. Together with Kapote Modica he co-produced and made the beats on that record. Now Sam is back with this pure Italian EP. Inclusive remixes by new German artists Gome and Italian Musemeci – known to many from his fabulous Italo-trance releases on Diynamic records.

RELEASED 2021-08-13

Releases Top Tracks

Toy Tonics Top Tracks Vol. 9 [TOYT125]


Toy Tonics Top Tracks are the label’s most relevant tracks of the last year. They are released every summer on one compilation.
Soul house, new wave disco, broken beats and other funk driven vibes by London kid Cody Currie, German brothers COEO, American keyboarder Joel Holmes, Munich based kids Rhode & Brown, London/ Berlin duo Athlete Whippet, Italian producer Sam Ruffillo and the new project by French beatmaker Fényan and New York singer Kosmo Kint.

RELEASED 2021-07-16

Athlete Whippet Releases

Athlete Whippet – Vesta [TOYT118]


A new artist on TT!

Athlete Whippet join the Toy Tonics family! The London/ Berlin-based duo makes a sound that is based on futuristic breakbeats combined with deep jazz chord progressions and a kind of funk that sounds more like it was made in 2100 than in a year behind us. Definitely not a retro record. The “Vesta EP” is a further proof that the connection between London and Berlin, that has been build by several Toy Tonics artists (Cody Currie is the latest in the gang), is becoming a strong one. The combination of the Berlin dancefloor sound and the UK jazz fusion soul is changing the scene and creating new moods. Neo soul and house, broken beats and disco… There are a lot of things happening in that new world and Athlete Whippet could be a strong player in that sound.

The two guys already achieved great support by UK radio DJs such as Annie Mac and Jamz Supernova for their first collaborative EP “Touch” (with Metronomy’s Olugbenga), followed by their 2020 solo EP “Your Love Is Lifting Me”, an ode to compassion and solidarity, and remixes for labels including Rhythm Section.

RELEASED 2021-06-04

Fényan Kosmo Kint Releases

Fényan x Kosmo Kint – Da Real EP [TOYT119]


This next Toy Tonics EP takes one more step into a futuristic sound that connects Broken Beat, House & Neo Soul. The EP was produced by Fényan aka Kwame. France based dancer and producer (originally from Martinique) who hooked up with Kosmo Kint. The soul singer raised in New York and since one year is part of The Toy Tonics crew in Berlin.

Fényan & Kosmo Kint met shortly after Kosmo Kint’s first release on Toy Tonics (the „Get Lost“ EP with french producer Mangabey). Together they created three magic sparkling pieces of music. A unique sound inspired by UK Jazz and the broken beat scene. A great further step in the evolution of uptempo Neo Soul dance music.

Fényan’s rhythms are special. The groove is unique. This music makes you dance differently. No wonder as Fényan is a professional dancer. He is travelling around the world teaching dancing with his own company and is a judge on international dance battles. Besides dancing, he has been producing beats since the age of 19 on his MPC. Check this out.

RELEASED 2021-05-21

Kapote Releases

Kapote pres Mushroom House Vol 2 [TOYT116]


The Mushroom House compilation is a collection of balearic, afro and cosmic disco tracks that have been released on several Toy Tonics EPs over the last 5 years. Toy Tonics now releases some of these EPs on a double vinyl together. This is the second part. Featuring eleven tracks. (Vol 1 was released in 2020.)

Original tracks and remixes by friends of the label: Kiwi, Red Axes,  Karl Hector, Hugo Capablanca, Harry Wolfman. Very special contributions by New York’s legendary Joe Claussell and fashion designer Marcelo Burlon, who contributed the vocals to a song by Milan’s Barking Dogs. Art Alfie from Studio Barnhus is featured also with an exclusive track and legendary DJ Sprinkles with a magic rework of a Hard Ton song.

A few of the tracks had been already released on Gomma records. The now sleeping indie-electronica label that was the „mother“ of Toy Tonics records. Some were made exclusively for Toy Tonics.

RELEASED 2021-04-16

Edit Series Releases

Toy Tonics Edit Series part 9: Italo Edits 2 by Paul Older

We are very delighted to present the 2nd installment of the Italo Edits in our Edit Series, exclusive and only for a limited time on Bandcamp!
Three rare Italo disco edits by Paul Older.


Joel Holmes Releases

Joel Holmes – Osmosis [TOYT117]


Joel Holmes is a phenomenon that fits perfectly into the musical scenario of the next years. 35-year-old American jazz pianist and 4 times Grammy nominated. He was the musical director of Carl Craig’s Synthesizer ensemble as well as the keyboarder in legendary Grammy wining band of Roy Hargrove (the IT jazz artist from the late 1990ies, who later died.)

Holmes is always hunting for the new, so he moved to Berlin a few years ago. Being interested in what’s happening in that new dance world. Similar to Jazzers from the 1970ies like Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones who turned into disco stars Joel, the jazzer wanted to connect with the new Berlin electronic scene. He succeeded, teamed up with upcoming London house kid Cody Currie and the Toy Tonics crew who is working on new sounds in Berlin that connect the organic and jazz musicians scene with the dance and house world. Developing a new style of Jazz-House… (that has nothing to do with sampled jazzy‘ house! If you know what we mean).

RELEASED 2021-03-12