Black Loops Demuja Felipe Gordon Harry Wolfman Jad & The Ladyboy

Top Tracks Vol. 6 EP [TOYT088]


Demuja, Harry Wolfman, Jad & The, Felipe Gordon and Black Loops on one EP!
Toy Tonics has released the EPs from the hype kids of the new funk house scene in 2018. But a few of their goodies had not been pressed on vinyl yet and so here they come on black gold!
Some of these tracks have been quite buzzing around: supported by people like DJ Seinfeld, Benji B, Bradley Zero. Just to name a few. Seems that the funky futuristic sound of Toy Tonics is finding more and more friends.

RELEASED 2019-01-18

Harry Wolfman Releases

Harry Wolfman – Portal Gun [TOYT075]


Toy Tonics – the next step. In recent times, Toy Tonics have prioritized developing the careers of it’s main roster – Coeo, Black Loops, Kapote and Jad & The – now, there will be a couple of EPs by friends of the label.

Over the coming months: EPs by Demuja, Art Alfie and this fabulous release by HARRY WOLFMAN.

Harry fits well with the Toy Tonics crew: A self-confessed nerd and ‘slave to the funk’, Harry was raised on a diet of Gang Starr, St Germain, Ninja Tune and a broad cross section of UK breakbeat culture. But, his own productions are different. Bubbling yet subtle sample-focused fusion house. Dance music with deeper seated influences in hip hop, jazz, soul and funk. Music that breaks boundaries.

Most people know Harry from his seminal 2012 remix of Ben Pearce’s crossover hit ‘What I Might Do’ which was smashed out in clubs all over the world. Since then he’s released remixes and EPs on labels like House of Disco, Dirt Crew, Lost My Dog and Outplay Records… and of course now, Toy Tonics.

RELEASED 2018-04-16