Black Loops Demuja Felipe Gordon Harry Wolfman Jad & The Ladyboy

Top Tracks Vol. 6 EP [TOYT088]


Demuja, Harry Wolfman, Jad & The, Felipe Gordon and Black Loops on one EP!
Toy Tonics has released the EPs from the hype kids of the new funk house scene in 2018. But a few of their goodies had not been pressed on vinyl yet and so here they come on black gold!
Some of these tracks have been quite buzzing around: supported by people like DJ Seinfeld, Benji B, Bradley Zero. Just to name a few. Seems that the funky futuristic sound of Toy Tonics is finding more and more friends.

RELEASED 2019-01-18

Edit Series Jad & The Ladyboy

Toy Tonics Edit Series part 2

Last month we started our Toy Tonics Edit Series. We give away the secret DJ weapons of the TT artists. On Bandcamp only.
Part 2 comes on 21. Nov. 3 Edits by Jad & The. Like last time we give them away for free on the first day. So if u sign up now – u can get them for no $ on Wednesday. Hurry up… :)

Jad & The Ladyboy Releases

Jad & The – Strings Never Win [TOYT073]

Here comes the next Toy Tonics EP!

Fitting perfect with the growing balearic house wave.
Australian surf buddy Jad & The (Ladyboy) is back on the German Toy Tonics label where he started his career 3 years ago. Jad currently moved to Berlin, where he isn’t distracted from too much sun and good waves. Seems that he spent a lot of time in the his new studio: Besides this new Toy Tonics EP he has new releases on Mike Simonetti’s 2MR label, Sonar Kollektiv and Centre Source Records (part of Lobster Theremin’s cohort).

But this one for Toy Tonics is really a killer.
4 smooth tracks. Clever constructed, with a heavy DIY vibe, but musically on the highest level.
Stylewise: somewhere between the easy moods of DJ Alfredo, the early Nuphonic records and the soulful vibe that you can hear on many new little labels currently. On point.

RELEASED 2017-08-25

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Black Loops Felipe Gordon Jad & The Ladyboy Kapote Metropolitan Soul Museum Releases

Jockey Jams No. 2 [TOYT072]

“Jockey Jams” are the Various Artists EPs on Toy Tonics.
No.2 features Toy Tonics frontline boys Black Loops with a collabo track: The voice comes from Felipe Gordon – upcoming DJ and producer from Bogota/Colombia. Probably the most melodic and swingful Black Loops work ever. Felipe Gordon is also included with an own track here: A wonky, total drunken sounding DIY House orgy. The filtered piano will keep playing in your head for a long time..
Australian Surf dude and funky House kid Jad & The is also included in this EP. He has been one of the first ones to release on Toy Tonics 3 years ago. By now he has also records out on Sonar Kollektiv, Mike Simonetti’s new MK II imprint and is a regular in the Berlin club scene, where he lives now. His Disco Vintage House works are more tools, than songs. With an great soulish vibe and often incredible impact on the dancefloor.
London duo Metropolitan Soul Museum are back on Toy Tonics with a piano tune, too. But their track reminds us more the Detroit way of beats playing. This song has a marvellous piano solo heading though all the jam. Warm, melancholic, still driving ffwrd.
Last but not least on this EP is Berlin based Jacky Mingo. Kid with lot of records and much passion for filters, big chords and straight forward 4/4 beats.

RELEASED 2017-08-04


As well as on all common platforms


Black Loops Doug Gomez Jad & The Ladyboy Moritz Butschek Pixel82

TOYT057: Jockey Jams

Jockey Jams: The Toy Tonics label started this irregular series of Various Artist EPs.
First issue includes a space electronica jam by Moritz Butschek who is working at Toy Tonics office and is starting to put out own great tracks now.
Then you get a high energetic funk house track by Pixel82 & Justamine vs Jad & The Ladyboy. A heavy hypnotic vocal line from a young kid from Portugal reworked by Australian surfer and Toy Tonics resident Jad & The Ladyboy. The vocals will get your dancefloor hotter then the sun in Australian desert.
Also on the EP you find a old school funk jam by New York kid Doug Gomez. This one recalls the funky tracks by people like Ashley Beedle or even Masters At Work when they were doing their NuYorican Soul stuff back in the mid 90ies. It’s full on New York. It’s dirty. It’s hypnotic as hell. And fits well with Black Loops bonus track that once again is based on a Rhodes Piano riff that creates that certain jazz vibe that Toy Tonics is know for these days.

RELEASED 2016-07-25


Alien Alien Jad & The Ladyboy Munk Rebolledo Whomadewho

TOYT052: Mushroom House EP1

This MUSHROOM HOUSE EP is the first release in a series of EP’s that will feature tracks from the new wave of weirdo house that is influenced by ethno, afro, psychedelic music. On this first 4 track EP you get new music from ALIEN ALIEN aka Italian producers Rodion & Hugo Sanchez with an Detroit techno kind of track with mushroomey space voices that drive a dancefloor crazy. (Alien Alien previously released on Turbo, Nein, Slow Motion, Gomma). Then Australian surfer kids and house producers JAD & THE LADYBOY doing a afro heavy old school MPC house jam. (Jad released also records on Exploited and Toy Tonics). Gomma boss MUNK is featured with the high in demand Rebolledo Version of SURF SMURF and as a bonus track you get the legendary DJ KOZE remix of WHOMADEWHO’s Keep me in my plane. Releases some years ago, three times repressed and sold out. Sounding now fresher then ever.

The MUSHROOM HOUSE series features mostly new tracks, produced exclusively for TOY TONICS.


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Jad & The Ladyboy

TOYT032: Jad & The Ladyboy – Namibian Gold EP

Afro-House? Ethno-Techno? Whatever you wanna call this: like every release of Jad also this new gimmick has something magic! No wonder that the music of the Afro-australian surf-kid got heavy support by DJs such as Duke Dumont, Pete Tong, Maxxi Soundsystem, Tensnake, Till Von Sein and many more.
Jad started his career on Toy Tonics 2 years ago and we are happy he comes back to us – after singles on Exploited, Retrofit and Club Sweat. This is magic.



Jad & The Ladyboy

TOYT006 : Jad & The Ladyboy – Do It Get Up (incl. Kolombo Remix)

After EP’s and remixes of DJ Steef, Hard Ton, John Tejada, Daniel Maloso, Dimitri from Paris now here comes an extremy effective EP by Australian producer Jad & The Ladyboy. Dry and pushing futuristic deep house music. Including an great remix by upcoming producer KOLOMBO.

RELEASE: 11 February 2013

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