Kosmo Kint Mangabey Releases

Mangabey & Kosmo Kint – Time No More / Get Lost [TOYT102]


New York vocalist Kosmo Kint joined the Toy Tonics crew. Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Kosmo has been part of the recent Brooklyn scene, singing in several projects in NYC before moving to Berlin two years ago. To find like minded people to create new lyrics driven dancemusic.

In Berlin he teamed up with the Toy Tonics boys and now TT boss Kapote and the crew are working with him in Berlin Kreuzberg to find a new R&B & Disco influenced style of electronic dance music.
The first release is a collabo between french talent Mangabey and Kosmo Kint – produced by Kapote.

RELEASED 2020-01-24


Mangabey – Try To Chill [TOYT092]


Mangabey, jazzpiano wizzard and amazingly talented electronic producer coming up with his 3rd EP on his home label Toy Tonics. The French kid already has a prominent fanbase: From Joe Goddard to Virgil Abloh and Laurent Garnier.. lot of good taste DJs have been playing his last Toy Tonics releases. He has this very own vibe that catches you immediately: Warm and funky dancefloor tracks that get people immediately moving. Never cheesy, always musically complex but ultra catchy. Reminding the 90ies New York sound of Masters at Work and Francois K… with a French touch.

RELEASED 2019-02-22

Mangabey Releases

Mangabey – Joy Kill [TOYT087]


When Fouk & Glenn Astro remix a new artist you know what the vibe is: Dirty DIY house with a heavy funk vibe.
Mangabey is the new kid on the Toy Tonics family and he is a master of this style. He lives in Lyon/ France (and is a good friend of Folamour who remixed his first EP on Toy Tonics some months ago).
But Mangabey takes the whole new Funk-House sound to another level. While many of his colleagues work with samples, Mangabey studied Jazz piano and collects vintage synths. And so he plays most of the stuff himself and bring in a lot of personality.
His works could remind the vibe of New York Soul House from the 1990ies or the sounds from the West London scene from 20 years ago, but definitely he adds a modern, edgy touch to it.

Mangabey aka Jose Fehner is an interesting personality: Born in the south of France in a family of traveling artists. As a kid he has been living on a boat and in caravans, traveling France and Africa with a wild theater collective directed by his parents who are actors. Later he went to music university and now finally, by age of 22, he lives in Lyon. Lyon is becoming France’ second music town. The town that has the most vibrant club and producer scene right now. So, yes: There is a lot to come from there… a lot from Mangabey.

RELEASED 2018-11-02

Kapote Mangabey Releases

Kapote – Yeah Pass It [TOYT086]


Kapote comes back with a new EP!
Kapote = Toy Tonics head honcho, maniac record collector, A&R with special Jazzfunk taste, producer of lotta TT records, excellent DJ (with great dedication and knowledge of no border ecclectic selectorism) and last but not least: founder of Toy Tonic records with magic Mr. Munk (who plays additional keyboards on this EP).
Remix comes courtesy of MANGABEY! New kid on the Toy Tonics boat. Check him out!

RELEASED 2018-07-13

Mangabey Releases

Mangabey – Chicago Memory EP [TOYT083]


Mangabey is the new kid in the Toy Tonics crew. Jazz piano virtuoso, synth collector and producer of magnificent funk house tracks. Born in the south of France in a family of traveling artists. As a kid he has been living on a boat and in caravans, traveling France and Africa with his parents’ wild theater collective. Jose Fehner aka Mangabey had for sure an adventurous life.

But while all his family consists of actors – Jose is a music boy. He started playing piano at age of 6 and later studied Jazz at the conservatory. He also started Hip Hop production at age of 15 and became a mad collector of Afro-American music. While finishing his piano studies he felt in love with synthesizers and by now he is quite a wizard when he plays all his rare keyboards live.

Mangabey at the moment loves to make 4 to the floor-tracks. He plays most instruments himself and creates mad energetic trips full of soulish vibes and funky solos. Reminding the vibe of Nuyorican Soul or the West London scene from 20 years ago. But Jose Mangabey has his own touch. An own mood. Extremely funky, organic sounding, warm vibing and tight like shit. Very contemporary. An atmosphere that fits perfectly with the vibes of his French friend Foulamour – who added a remix for this EP.

RELEASED 2018-06-22