Mushroom House Releases

Mushroom House Compilation Vol. 2 [TOYT085]


MUSHROOM HOUSE is the Toy Tonics series for indie-afro-weirdo dancemusic. On this compilation you’ll find the 11 best tracks: Guest producers Kiwi, Harry Wolfman, Hugo Capablanca, Art Alfie from Studio Barnhus and Vito & Druzzi from New York‘s Throne of Blood made these unusual tracks for the Toy Tonics series. Red Axes, DJ Sprinkles, Joe Claussell contributed remixes. There is also Italian fashion designer Marcelo Burlon featured on one track (the wonderful Mamaraccho by The Barking Dogs). All tracks made exclusively for Toy Tonics. Out on vinyl and as 11 track compilation. Artwork by Adrian Velazco and Paze.

RELEASED 2018-08-17

Mushroom House Releases

Mushroom House EP5 [TOYT076]


Mushroom House – The Toy Tonics series for IndieAfroDisco House comes with EP no.5. ART ALFIE and HARRY WOLFMAN made exclusive tracks. Art Alfie from Stockholm made a lot of great records with Mr.Tophat and is part of the Studio Barnhus crew. While Harry Wolfman has releases on Lost my Dog, Under the Shade and Dirt Crew on his back and is a specialist in that what somebody called the bubbling “underwater house” sound.
Both offered to do tracks for Mushroom House .. and here we are. Besides them there is also great track by The Barking Dogs. The two guys from Milan who run Serendeepity Records. The Milan record store that has been called “best records shop of the world” recently by Trevor Jackson. One of the guys is also part of Boot & Tax. Vocals on “Mamarracho” come from Marcelo Burlon. Last but not least there is ‚Make it hot‘. A psychoboogie jam by Jacky Mingo and Kapote. Made in a 3 hour jam in Berlin last summer while 42° in the studio…

RELEASED 2018-02-09

Kapote Mushroom House Releases

Mushroom House EP4 [TOYT068]

Joe Claussell joined the MUSHROOM HOUSE series!

The New York City DJ and music originator made one of his rare remixes. For the Toy Tonics series.
Claussell is a pioneer. Blending African and Brazilian rhythms with Disco and House since the early 1990ies. Inspiring the music world with his labels Spiritual Life Music and Ibadan records and with his legendary Body & Soul parties that he run for 6 years with Francois K and Danny Krivit in NYC.
For Toy Tonics he remixed an obscure afro funk song by German Afro – Kraut Band Karl Hector & The Malcouns and Nicolas Tounga, singer from Burkina Faso. The original song was released on a limited 7“ on Now Again records/ L.A. in 2008. Sold out for a long time. Claussell’s remix is an amazing 11 minutes afrotechno jam. A great journey though styles.

Also on this EP: Night Masquerade by Vito & Druzzi. Again: NYC guys. You might know the boys also for being part of The Rapture/ DFA. Since a few years they produce electronic music under the name of Vito & Druzzi. Part of New York’s Throne of Blood crew. Some might remember their vocal contribution for Joakim’s Bring Your Love. On their track for Toy Tonics they go tribal. Somewhere between Steve Reich inspired Gamelan pattern, smooth flowing over a 4/4 beat top by a nasty, 1970ies Funk synth solo that turns the whole track into a new direction.

Third track is by Kapote, man behind Toy Tonics and owner of many great records with hot samples. His Besamo Fly is a 110 Bpm slow house jam – makes you think about Mexican beaches or Paris Filter House nights of the 1990ies..

RELEASED 2017-10-06

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Mushroom House Releases

Mushroom House EP3 [TOYT063]

Mushroom House is the Toy Tonics series for house and electronic music with an weirdo-afro-psychedelic touch. Only exclusive productions. EP 3 includes 4 tracks:
Ponty Mython from Dirt Crew delivers a fabulous old school disco percussion jam. Pure 80ies New York style.
Kiwi from London comes with a tune that is far away from that electronic sound he had on his last EP for FutureBoogie. For Mushroom House he made a mid tempo track with heavy drum solo inside that will make people scream on your dancefloor.
On the flip side, RED AXES present an abstract Arabian Electo rework of Munk’s “Bolero Bunuel”.
And then there is a track by the Barking Dogs from Milan/Italy. They run one of the best record stores in Italy (Serendeepity Records) and organize events all over their country. In the basement of their shop they have a great studio with a collection of analogue synths and drum machines. Doing their weird edits and tunes. They teamed up with friend Tom Trago to make a vintage house track.

RELEASED 2017-03-10


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Mushroom House

TOYT050: Mushroom House Compilation

Toy Tonics records presents MUSHROOM HOUSE – a compilation full of Afro & Ethno/House and psychedelic Techno. Exclusive new music by Auntie Flo, Hyenah, DJ Koze, Kapote, Daniel Avery, Munk & Rebolledo and others. 15 exclusive tracks that combine elements from recent deep disco, house and electronica with sounds and vibes from Africa, Arabia or other unusual references.

Mushroom House features several African influences jams by Auntie Flo, Kapote, Haaksman. Some other tracks sound like the artists took an LSD trip while making the track (Capablanca‘s „Acido“ or Munk & Rebolledo‘s „Surf Smurf“). You have tracks that are more on the Weirdo-Techno side of things (Daniel Avery, Alien Alien from Multi Culti). You have the Afro House shooting stars Hyenah (a current favorite of the scene’s main man Black Coffee). And there is this great remix by Panorama Bar regular Massimiliano Pagliara (remixing Barotti‘s masterpiece „She Once Knew“).

It’s 2016 and it’s time to bring more different flavors in dancemusic. The Toy Tonics crew is doing it’s part and adds (one more time) a fresh edge to the actual state of house music.

RELEASED 2016-09-02

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