Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – PHB Remix EP [TOYT111]


Four Remixes from the new album of New York’s Phenomenal Handclap Band. The perfect band for the new “organic dance music” and “Nu Disco” wave.
NYC Disco legend Danny Krivit made a hot disco edit. Cooper Saver from the Westcoast serves a breakbeat club version that kicks ass and Ray Mang, London’s legendary man for effective disco and funky house, delivers a fresh disco version of Judge Not.

RELEASED 2020-09-04

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – PHB [TOYT110]


New York’s indie disco crew is back with a new album. And it’s the right moment!
With new acts like Toro Y Moi, Sault, Parcels, The Internet – the funky, disco, old school vibe is big in 2020.
And Phenomenal Handclap Band fits perfectly in the scene. With their vintage, eclectic, colorful analog dance music. A nasty fusion of forward-thinking disco, yacht rock and gipsy soul.

The band has a history: Some of the bandmembers played in Mark Ronson’s projects and in Amy Winehouse’s last band. Their self-titled debut album on Gomma records 2010 made them many fans in the music scene. Back then the band took the road, supporting Bryan Ferry and Franz Ferdinand, playing shows at Glastonbury, Wireless, and Latitude… as well as getting praise from Sir Paul McCartney about their album on BBC Radio 1!
After their debut album bandleader Daniel Collás began to produce other artists in his studio in Brooklyn. The band paused. Now they are back. With Daniel Collás in the centre, along with new members: multi-instrumentalist Juliet Swango, and vocalist and synthesizer wizard Monika Heidemann.

The new album is still analog dance music. Funk and Disco with an emphasis on raw soul, vocal harmonies, African percussion, fuzzy guitars and analog synthesizers. The album starts with slow motion disco (Skyline) that makes you feel you driving towards Manhattan coming from Brooklyn (where the band lives). Turning into dirty punk-funk vibes (Remain Silent) the switch to almost Italopop influences (Riot, Do what u like) that remind Rimini, the late 80ies.
But the album has also other shades: some almost Zappa-esque moments or house-like drumparts. And, in the end: real hippy disco! (The Healer).

The first 2 new singles from the album came last year on Toy Tonics.
They became a favorite of DJs like Harvey, Artwork, Disclosure, Gerd Janson, Busy P, Demuja…
Gilles Peterson voted „Judge Not” one of his favorite tracks of the year.
They had a good start. Now its the right time for the album.

RELEASED 2020-05-15

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Do What You Like [TOYT110S3]


A pre-release song to the upcoming album of Phenomenal Handclap Band. The New York indie discoteers that fit perfectly into 2020’s new funk & dance band scenario. People who like Toro Y Moi, Sault, Parcels, The Internet, Kaytranada will love the band. Their new song will increase the buzz. A song that combines influences from Talking Heads to Todd Terje. New school dance funk.
The Phenomenal Handclap Band consists of heavy cats from the NYC scene. Some played in Mark Ronsons’s projects or played in Amy Winehouse’s band back in the days. They released 4 new songs on Toy Tonics last year that became hits on disco house dance floors around the world. Support from people like Disclosure, Gilles Peterson, DJ Harvey, BBC Radio 1 and many other radios. The band will release their new album on Toy Tonics in May 2020.

RELEASED 2020-04-24

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Skyline [TOYT110S2]


There is a new scene of bands that mix dance grooves with Hip Hop, Funk and disco. Toro Y Moi, Sault, Kaytranada, Parcels, The Internet… Also New York’s Phenomenal Handclap band is part of that circle.
Their new song SKYLINE is a pre-release single of their upcoming album. (Album out in april on Toy Tonics).
The track mixes mid tempo disco with old school funk and balearic vibes. Very appealing to the new, young disco & house audience. The band had a couple of club hits last year with their other 3 singles on Toy Tonics. DJ’s like Harvey, Disclosure, Gilles Peterson, Artwork, Busy P, Danny Krivit and even Gerd Janson and KeineMusik supporting them. BBC Radio 1 featured their last single. This new success made them a lot of new fans.. and this song could increase their momentum even more. Release PHB LP: 15.05.2020 (digital + vinyl)

RELEASED 2020-04-03

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Travelers Prayer (EU Version) [TOYT110S1]


New York’s indie disco and funk crew PHENOMENAL HANDCLAP BAND is back with a new single. “TRAVELERS PRAYER” is a midtempo funk tune that appeals to both: Hip Hop heads and Disco lovers. Fans of Kaytranada, Parcels, Toro Y Moi, Vulfpeck, DJ Shadow could love it.
And probably all these artists themself are fans of the band. As The Phenomenal Handclap Band consists of legendary musicians from NYC’s funk scene. Some played with Mark Ronson and in Amy Winehouse’s backing band. The band had a debut album few years ago on Gomma records. Now they are back. Their first 2 singles on Toy Tonics became a favorite of DJs like Harvey, Artwork, Disclosure, Busy P, Demuja… Gilles Peterson voted “Judge Not” one of his favorite tracks of the year. Now here is the next single.

RELEASED 2020-03-13

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Remain Silent [TOYT097]


Phenomenal Handclap Band is back on Toy Tonics with remixes by Superpitcher & Ray Mang! The New York indie disco crew delivers their third song to the Berlin dancefloor label. Their last 2 Toy Tonics singles, “Judge Not” and “Jail”, have already made big waves with heavy rotations in the sets of people like DJ Harvey, Artwork, Gilles Peterson, Keinemusik and many others. Now they are back with another surefire smash: “Remain Silent”.
The Phenomenal Handclap Band from New York has been known for a couple of funk-driven releases before, but also for supporting or collaborating with such giants as Bryan Ferry, Marcos Valle and Nile Rodgers & Chic.
The band, based around multi instrumentalist and producer Daniel Collás, is releasing their new single in advance of a new album on Toy Tonics in 2020. This is just a warm up!

RELEASED 2019-11-08

Phenomenal Handclap Band

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Jail [TOYT093]


New York’s indie disco freaks Phenomenal Handclap Band are back with a second single on Toy Tonics: “Jail”. With remixes by Detroit’s Waajeed and Marcel Vogel of Lumberjacks in Hell. Including a club edit by Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote.

The band was responsible for one of Toy Tonics’ biggest tracks in 2018: “Judge Not”. The Ray Mang versions became a hit on open minded dancefloors around the globe. With support from DJs like DJ Harvey, Cassius and Gilles Peterson (who put it in his „best tracks of the year“ list) but also more house DJs like Berlin’s Keinemusik Crew, Soundstream or Superpitcher.

The band members are kind of heroes to many connoisseurs of the funk/ disco scene. The band leader Daniel Collas was playing keys in Amy Winehouse’ legendary backing band. Other members are connected to Mark Ronson’s crew or San Francisco’s Stones Throw universe.. just to give you the bigger picture. With Phenomenal Handclap Band they blend the unique vibe of 1970ies Power-Soul in the tradition of Charles Stepney and Rotary Connection with today’s new disco vibe. Parcels, Toro Y Moi, Roosevelt are not that far.

Important fact: All played live, no samples. Mixed by the champs at DFA. The band is part of Toy Tonics’ masterplan to expand their dancevibes into more live played scenarios.. stepping out of the strict DJ context.

Fun fact: Paul McCartney wrote the band a letter saying how much he loved their music when he first heard the band on BBC Radio 1.

RELEASED 2019-04-05

Phenomenal Handclap Band Releases

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Judge Not (Ray Mang Mixes) [TOYT081]


A very special record: The Phenomenal Handclap Band (NYC) joined Toy Tonics. The underground disco guys will release a couple of reworks of their new songs on our label. London’s disco don Ray Mang is the first to work on a track. And the result is magic. Out since last friday, but already been played over the summer by DJs like Harvey, Artwork, Horse Meat Disco and many other this could sound already like a classic. On “Judge Not” they come up with dazzling piano lines, a deep rare funk rhythm section, and a street corner gospel choir that brings you to your feet.

For those who don’t know New York’s almost legendary band: The Phenomenal Handclap Band is led by producer Daniel Collás, and consists of some of New York’s finest new soul & disco musicians. A great moment was when they released their single “15 to 20” some years ago (on Gomma Records) and Paul McCartney wrote them a letter about how much he loved that song when he heard it on BBC Radio 1.

Many of you know PHB from their collaborations with such luminaries as Peaches or Marcos Valle or Bryan Ferry, a prime appearance at the Glastonbury Festival, and direct support on Bryan Ferry’s US tour.
The group is currently finishing a new album.

RELEASED 2018-10-05