Releases Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown – Sumthin Redux [TOYT101S]


Rhode & Brown deliver a 4 minute super catchy, good vibes, summer neo- disco tune. It’s a presingle from the upcoming Toy Tonics Top Tracks compilation – coming out on august 7th. Featuring the 10 most popular Toy Tonics songs of the year.

RELEASED 2020-07-31

Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown – Nine To Shine [TOYT101]


Rhode & Brown are back on their home label Toy Tonics where they have been almost from day one and released several EPs. The last one: “B Tru 2 U” in 2017.
This new record contains their first vocal feature ever. A brilliant house tune with vocals by german soul singer Adriano Prestel. On the A-Side they show their love for classic NY house vibes. Sax and pianos all over! All tracks basically made on the MPC and their Juno 106. On the flip you’ll find a full-on disco banger, backed with a beautiful understated sample house tune!

Since the boys cutted short their day jobs they finally started spending more time in the studio and are more creative than ever. In fact it’s not long ago that they also released an EP on Swedish finest Honey Butter Records and their own label Slam City Jams.

The dudes have strong ties to Toy Tonics! Not only because one of them (Friedrich) had been working at the the label’s office for a certain time, but also because they are regular main acts on the now currently happening TOY TONICS JAMS around Europe. Where, along with Kapote, COEO and other TT artists they show their wide range of DJ skills and knowledge of dance music culture. Not being limited to house music, but going from early 70s funk and 80s underground wave stuff to the finest house sound from the 90s till now. The guys from Germany have a thing for collecting records from all around the world and make nice edits, too ).

These boys are on fire and it looks like this new EP is only the start of a new wave of Rhode & Brown.

RELEASED 2019-09-27

Releases Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown – B Tru 2 U EP [TOYT071]

Rhode & Brown are back on their motherlabel Toy Tonics! After last year’s breakbeat – tune „St Hippolyte“ and getting remixed by their buddies Hodini and Glenn Astro, their new EP takes their sound further again. From DIY-disco to dreamy house, whatever you like to call it.. the tracks have this joyful touch, that makes their sound so special.

This time their production way was a little bit different: While spending holidays on the marvellous island of Zanzibar they produced the raw versions of this EP. They set up their studio at a beach cabanne. With a monkey becoming their muse. The monkey came over every day to listen to their sounds. They became friends and called the monkey Rosie and fed her with mangos.

When back in Europe the Munich boys still were in a balearic mood. So they went to a house deep in the south of France to finish the music. The result were 4 tracks. Three for this EP. And one track that they gave to the other Munich based label Public Possession for their recent SERIE A compilation. Which makes totally sense: Public Possession and Toy Tonics both have links to Gomma records. It’s all a family thing. Where Great Munich vibes incoming!

RELEASED 2017-11-03

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Releases Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown – Snabsnus EP [TOYT061]

Toy Tonics’ main men Rhode & Brown are back with a new EP full of their very special, funk influenced, analogue sounding dance tracks. The two guys are part of that new, growing German scene of producers that are interested in the more jazz and analogue orientated and weird side of house music. As their label Toy Tonics is. Rhode & Brown’s new „Snabsnus“ EP shows a great range of their musical inspirations: funky acid basslines, hazy breakbeats, rare soul-samples – and this very special nasty atmosphere that is becoming their trademark sound.

Rhode & Brown have made this new EP in a little house in L’estrechure – in the south of France. You can feel the chilled vibe of the Provence here. It got that positive, soulful atmosphere.
Fun fact: When the boys met in 2010 they were selling each other electronic equipment. There was a mistake and they started to fight. While fighting they realised they have the same musical interests, style ideas and passions. And here we are in 2016: They released 3 EPs on Toy Tonics + tracks on Let’s Play House, Needwant, Rose Records from Leipzig. And now they even started their own label Slam City Jams.

Yes, 2016 is a good year for Friedrich Trede and Stephan Braun aka Rhode & Brown: They are part of that new Munich crew around Charlie Club, Toy Tonics, Public Possession. All people that are obsessed with obscure vinyl, analogue equipment and experimenting with different unusual forms of House music and electronic Funk. These different forms of FunkHouse music are exploding everywhere right now: In Berlin with the The Money Sex crew, in Sweden Studio Barnhus or Australia with the guys from Voyage records. All connected – all in the similar vibe.

RELEASED 2016-10-28


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Rhode & Brown

TOYT044: Rhode & Brown – Tunnel Woman

Vintage House freaks and soul kids: Rhode & Brown from Munich are back on Toy Tonics with a great, funk driven, instrumental EP. Featuring a remix by upcoming producer Hodini.

Rhode & Brown come from the growing young, new house scene of Munich. Since 3 years the kids host their own night at Munich’s Kong Club and doing music. After a few remixes (check the one for Brooklyn based label Good Company Records) the boys release their first EP of 2015 on Toy Tonics. The sound? They proudly call it Weißwursthouse produced on a Stradivari-build MPC 1000 in their beautiful studio in the heart of Munich. Influenced by old soul records, Detroit legends Theo Parrish and Moodymann, as well as new experimental house from the Scandinavian labels around Studio Barnhus. Everything with their own unmistakable Rhode & Brown touch.


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Rhode & Brown

TOYT024: Rhode & Brown – Palace EP (incl. Glenn Astro Remix)


We have a new 12″ out: The “Palace” EP by Rhode & Brown. The boys are probably Munich’s most interesting House heads along with Sascha Sibler (Innervisions) and Cocolores (Exploited).
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Rhode & Brown

TOYT008 : Rhode & Brown – Joyride EP (incl. Kyodai Remix)


Happy to annouce a new 12″ on TOY TONICS. A 4 track EP by upcoming German house producers RHODE & BROWN. Including a nice remix by KYODAI from LOCAL TALK. R & B are kids! Only 21 but already have releases on PetFood, Needwant, Union Jack and a lot more in the pipeline. Rhode aka Friedrich used to work at the Gomma office, but since his producer career started so well he decided to concentrate on his production. Well done, Fridy!


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Kerri Chandler: “Both mixes of under your spell are good”
Nick Holder: “Under Your Spell is fresh!”
Osunlade: “Floating Figures is hot as…”
Jacques Renault: “I like this Kyodai remix!”
Mark Knight: “HOT!”
Bonar Bradberry: “Kyodai remix is interesting”
Mylo: “Das ist gut HOUSE thanks”
James Johnston: “Lovely mix of vibes…both mixes of Under Your Spell are my favs…dope!”