TOYT048: Kapote – Luftikuss

Toy Tonics come up with a new EP by German freaky wunderkind KAPOTE. Two tracks that combine orchestral sounds, choirs, balinese xylophones with a straight, but never aggressive house beat. Coming with two remixes by British Techno legend MARK E

You might think about Metro Area’s classic album from 2001 when you hear this, as well as the more accessible side of 1990ies Warp records. Still: there is no real retro sound here. Kapote’s music is quite futuristic. It’s always has kind of a swing feel, uses chords and melodies that come from the big universe of jazz harmonics and are much more complex that what you are used from usual dance records. Kapote is special. He is the funky kid. Get ready for more Kapote in 2016 on Toy Tonics.


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