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Kapote – Get Down Brother [TOYT060]

Kapote loves the funk. And he loves Blaxploitation movies. The black underground cinema from the 1970ies. Kapote samples dirty talk from these movies and puts it on his bass lines. Melodic bass lines with a heavy 1970 funk vibe. Bass lines that can create a sexual tension. Kapote adds a few warm, jazzy Rhodes piano chords and a lot of reverbs and filtering. And the music rolls. Often more like a jam then like a constructed piece of music. In the highest points this music is pure endorphin. It’s 4 to the floor – but it has a soulful analogue sound. Kapote says he was listening to records from old Detroit label Red Planet and Parisian downtempo pioneers Motorbass and La Funk Mob while making this record. And yes, the vibe is there.
Like these guys Kapote likes to build his musical trips around snippets from old funk vinyl. Adding beats with vintage drum machines and creating an eclectic trip into a universe full of jazzy bits, noisy drums and dirty samples.
Btw: „Uhh baby“ was co-produced and mixed my Howie B.

RELEASED 2016-11-25


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