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PODCAST NR 6 – Kapote

Here is your new Toy Tonics mixtape. Made by Mr. Kapote – who just released his new EP „Get Down Brother“ on Toy Tonics.
The mix starts mid tempo with Adesse Version’s last Toy Tonics single and goes on quite ecclectic – switching fast between the styles. From heavy electro percussion tracks (Moscoman Pecking Lights remix) to more discoish bombs (an unreleased Dimitri from Paris track!). In the last 30 minutes our friend Kapote then gets totally out of control an plays some indie dance underground goodies that you wouldn’t expect in such a set: Zongamin and Buddy Rich’s Jazz Dance killer songs „The Beat Goes on“…

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1. Adesse Versions – After Hours
2. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca – Don’t You Feel The Same
3. Chaos In The CBD – Observe (Part 2)
4. Moscoman – Mexican Cola Bottle Baby
5. Zhut & Kapote – Afro Rico
6. Rhode & Brown – The A
7. Kapote – The Nose
8. Crooked Man – Preset
9. ?
10. Black Spuma – Gabula
11. Project Pablo – Always
12. The All Seeing I – Beat goes On
13. Zongamin – Tunnel Music
14. Hiltmeyer Inc. – Pornhaus
15. Max D – Hummingbird
16. Kapote – Kabale