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Kian T – Room 69 [TOYT059]

Mysterious producer KIAN T is a crazy guy – living in a lonely house on a top of a hill somewhere in Italy. Surrounded by a collection of rare old synths and vintage samplers, a little dog and the best red wine of Italy. Kian T is making beats all day long. That’s his life.

He started his career on Toy Tonics last year and now is back with an own EP – full of that fucked up, jazz influenced cut & paste House sound that is taking over the house world since last year. Similar to his friends Rhode & Brown, Fouk, Nachtbraker or the guys around OYE records in Berlin he loves to create this special way of sampling old Jazz records and using rare vintage synthesizers instead of digital computer sounds. Just listen to the „normal“ deep house records of the last years and compare it with the sound of Kian T. Using these old synths makes a big difference. You can hear it on every of his tunes: There is no cheap sound here – everything is FAT and has a very warm, personal, always easy to recognize sound-aesthetic: courtesy of the four synthesizers he uses: The Korg Polysix, the Sequential Prophet600, a Roland Juno 60, and the legendary Oberheim Matrix 6. And courtesy of the way he mixes his tracks: not in the laptop – but the old way: on a fat old mixing desk. That’s why he has that massive sound.

RELEASED 2016-12-16


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