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COEO – Mydonna [TOYT062]

Here comes the new COEO 3 tracker. Exactly what we hoped for: Very New York Loft House. Mid tempo Funk. Nasty dancefloor bombs – based on smoothly rolling, MPC cutted drum breaks. Lot of filters and lots of warm chords inside.

This is the 4th COEO EP on Toy Tonics. Time to tell who they are:
Andy & Flo come from a village two hours from Munich. Where people wear Lederhosen and stuff. The boys were outsiders. Being the only ones loving skate culture and buying hip hop vinyl. Enough is enough – they moved to Munich and started to hang out with the guys from Schlachthofbronx. Learning tricks and doing the first DJ gigs in the Bass scene. Till they played a gig with Diplo. They decided: Bass and Trap sound wasn’t their thing. Neither the German Deep House Techno. Andy & Flo come from Hip Hop, they had a MPC and lots of old records: of course the right decision was: House music. The black version – with lots of funk samples. The New York Vibe. This was their thing!
After meeting with the Toy Tonics crew things took off. Now, two years later, the boys had several no. 1 hits in the Traxsource and Juno House charts. DJs from all kind of scenes are playing their tracks. Andi & Flo are not outsiders in the village anymore, but part of a growing new scene of German producers – friends who make music in a funky, analogue way. With lots of love for Jazz and Disco.
When COEO make a track, they work like Old School Hip Hop producers: They always start with the beats. Then they cut the samples in a way that rarely you would recognize the original song. COEO tracks often consist of up to 50 different bits of records layered one over another. This creates these special loops. Listen to their two most successful tracks: „Native Riddim“ and „Back in the days“ – that special rolling house groove immediately makes you move.. you get in a good mood. It’s that warm, early 1970ies atmosphere that reminded labels like CTI. Where the bassline and the rhodes piano chords where the foundation of the piece.
You can feel the joy that the COEO boys probably have in the studio …and in their life. Good mood guys. They guys seem to spend their complete life with music: They told that Andy is a student for sound- engineering and Flo seems to have the best job in the world: teaching schoolgirls electronic music production.

RELEASED 2017-02-03


Out now Traxsource: