Toy Tonics is an independent music label and culture crew with international artists primarily based in Berlin.
We release music, T-shirts,  posters and a fanzine. And we organize the TOY TONICS JAMS where we spread our style and vibe. Read more…

Mushroom House EP3 [TOYT063]

Mushroom House is the Toy Tonics series for house and electronic music with an weirdo-afro-psychedelic touch. Only exclusive productions. EP 3 includes 4 tracks:
Ponty Mython from Dirt Crew delivers a fabulous old school disco percussion jam. Pure 80ies New York style.
Kiwi from London comes with a tune that is far away from that electronic sound he had on his last EP for FutureBoogie. For Mushroom House he made a mid tempo track with heavy drum solo inside that will make people scream on your dancefloor.
On the flip side, RED AXES present an abstract Arabian Electo rework of Munk’s “Bolero Bunuel”.
And then there is a track by the Barking Dogs from Milan/Italy. They run one of the best record stores in Italy (Serendeepity Records) and organize events all over their country. In the basement of their shop they have a great studio with a collection of analogue synths and drum machines. Doing their weird edits and tunes. They teamed up with friend Tom Trago to make a vintage house track.

RELEASED 2017-03-10


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