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Kapote – The Body Move [TOYT066]

Monsieur KAPOTE comes back with another deep funk house EP on Toy Tonics. Slap Bass, Wurlitzer Jazz Pianos, Old school house drum machines, nasty talks. This new three- tracker continues the vibe of his last single „The Nose“ (that went no.1 on Traxsource and Juno and is still getting hammered by DJs from all kind of scenes).
This is slow grooving dance music. Nothing is stressy here. Jazz funk inspired mid-tempo house with live played bass, keyboards and lot of warm harmonies. Played with a high musical level. Pure quality. In fact Kapote used to play keyboards and bass in Jazz bands before getting absorbed by dance music culture. He is a big fan of late 60ies Hard Bob Jazz as well as 1970ies Jazz Funk and Disco. You can feel these vibes in all of his tracks.
Besides producing his own music Kapote also is running Toy Tonics records with his buddies Manuel Kim and Munk.

RELEASED 2017-04-21