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PODCAST NR 9 – Kapote

Mr. Kapote comes back with a new EP and this little mixtape on Toy Tonics.

Kapote is a Jazz man. He collects rare 1970ies Jazz and Funk vinyl. And he loves to construct dancefloor tunes out of samples from these rare records – Adding his own Rhodes piano chords, new basslines and livedrums to the tracks.
His new mixtape goes in a similar direction. Funk Freestyle. It’s eclectic – as DJs used to call this DJ style in the 90ies.
In this case: Unreleased tunes by Kapote, Black Loops, Okidoki. Old 70ies Funk (Azymuth’s classic Limmertz song and a remake of George Benson that was released on a Toy Tonics Edit vinyl only) and some new tracks by Toy Tonics friends. Good vibes.

Listen on Spotify

1. Kapote – Tell Tony (Toy Tonics)
2. George Benson – On Broadway (Mercury Edit) (Toy Tonics)
3. Alma Negra – Endless Summer
4. Azymth – Limmertz
5. Kiwi – We Are Here (Toy Tonics)
6. Confidence Man – Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
7. Oki Doki – I Want You (Xinobi Remix) (Gomma)
8. Black Loops – Le Mirage (Toy Tonics)
9. John Sable – Light
10. Aristocat – Only
11. Kapote – L.O.V.E. (Toy Tonics)
12. Ghost Outside (Kapote Secret Edit)
13. Low Ride – Sukkk It 2 Me (DJ Steef Edit)