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PODCAST NR 10 – Munk

Mr. Munk is known for his ill vinyl collection – and we’re happy he decided to do a mixtape for Toy Tonics finally. Expect the unexpected: 2 hours of funky eclecticism. Starting with a remix by New York house legend Joe Claussell (coming out on Toy Tonics in September), followed by a lot of Broken Beat stuff from the West London scene from early 2000, switching to many unreleased new House records and ending with the sickest downtempo tracks of the 1990ies: La Funk Mob, DJ DSL and other tracks that sound so fresh again now.
Wildstyle DJing is coming back – and Munk is a maestro of funky freestyle :)

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1. Karl Hector & Nicolas Tounga – Ngunga Yeti Fofa (Joe Claussell Remix)
2. Simon Grey – The Galactica Suite (Domu Remix)
3. Vito & Druzzi – Night Masquerade
4. Bugz In The Attic – Redhanded
5. Neon Phusion – Timeless Motion
6. Mark Force ft. Bembe Segue – Smoke It (Blakai Remix)
7. Phil Asher – Namby It Ain’t (Instrumental)
8. Metropolitan Soul Museum – Saab
9. Black Loops – Le Mirage
10. DJ Kool Honk – Low Rider
11. Orlando Magic – Disco Highlife (COEO Edit)
12. The Australian Voices & Gordon Hamilton – Not Now, Now ever! (Edit)
13. Red Light Rock – I’m Fallin (Edit)
14. GlamouRatz – Pussy Doctor
15. Scott Grooves – Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)
16. DJ Mitsu The Beats – Down to Business
17. La Funk Mob – 357 Magnum Force
18. DJ DSL – Unknown
19. Superbreak – Groove On (DJ Steef Edit)
20. Crown Height Affair – Say A Prayer For Two
21. Azuquita Y Su Orquesta Melao – California