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Black Loops – Red Light EP [TOYT069]

Here comes the new Black Loops EP! And by now you know what to expect: These irresistible rolling groove patterns with that unique warm Black Loops-feeling. That special vibe that made Black Loops one of the leading artists on Toy Tonics. By now it’s exactly four years that they released their debut EP „Right Now“ on the Gomma sublabel. They did four EPs on Toy Tonics since then.

Since the beginning Black Loops have been consistently developing their own style. The fact that Riccardo Paffetti – the Black Loops main man – is a drummer explains why their way to program the beats has this special flow. A flow that you can’t find on many other house productions. Also the way they choose and cut the samples brings in a special soulish, nasty vibe. Just listen to the way they cut the vocal samples on „Le Mirage“! How nasty can u be?

The new EP features 3 unreleased tracks and their last year’s hit song „Sex“- wich was released on a Toy Tonics „Jockey Jams“ VA EP and became one of the best selling tracks on Toy Tonics. It reached no.1 on all relevant DJ Portals, has been played by big DJs from all kind of scenes. The track even made it into the Top 30 of best selling track of Beatport in 2016.

The new EP includes the original track and also a even more dancefloor effective alternative version.
Black Loops’ music is made in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg. In the smokey ZHUT studio – Where lots of Toy Tonics records get made and mixed. When not hanging in the studio the guys DJ around the globe.
Black Loops are on fire. Let’s keep it burning!

RELEASED 2017-06-30


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