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PODCAST NR 11 – Black Loops

In addition to his wonderful “Red Light” EP Black Loops recorded our new Podcast! Enjoy as we do!

Listen on Spotify (including some bonus tracks Black Loops picked): https://open.spotify.com/user/toytonics/playlist/7isvP3JrhqVUNBVhNdcdZV

1. Matthieu Faubourg – Please, Stay
2. Black Loops feat. Felipe Gordon – Mia Negrita
3. Jesse Bru – Futaki
4. Patrice Scott – The Detroit Upright
5. Elka – Jayex Stpry
6. Black Loops – Higher
7. Sage Phenom
8. Black Loops – Sex pt.2
9. 20 Below – A Lil Tribute to the Moody Black Keys
10. J. Morrison – Free your mind
11. MetroArea – Caught Up