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PODCAST NR 12 – Jad & The

On friday we release Jad & The‘s new EP on Toy Tonics! The so called „Strings Never Win“ EP features four bangers by our australian surfer buddy. To heat you and us up he recorded our new podcast (including one track dropping on friday)!

Listen on Spotify (including some bonus tracks Jad & The picked)

1. Earth Trax – HG
2. Seb Wildblood – Brief Circles
3. Lake People – Tomorrow’s Happiness
4. Ron Trent – I Feel the Rhythm : I Feel the Rhythm (Inner Experience Revision)
5. Jad & The – Accidental Audi Driver
6. Huerta – Am Ende
7. Vincent Floyd – Euphoric Recall
8. Esa – Rent-A-Disc
9. Jad & The – Low Budget Action Movie
10. Diego – Crack
11. The Burrell Connection – XIV