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PODCAST NR 13 – Top Tracks Vol. 5 Continuous Mix

Funky times! In addition to our „Top Tracks 5“ collection, wich contains the most successful Toy Tonics tracks of the last months, we recorded a continuous mix. 10 tracks that made it into the house music top 10 of the big digital DJ food suppliers and were repressed on vinyl.
Music by the main label artists COEO, Black Loops, Kapote and Rhode & Brown. And also 4 tunes that were were big last year – made by Toy Tonics friends: Doug Gomez, the NYC Latin House spcialist, Adesse Versions, who smashed it with his EP on Toy Tonics last year and the fabulous Italian Sinth Freak Kian T with his wonky Funk House.
Not to forget the main remixes of last years’ Toy Tonics season: Our favorite Techno godfather Mark E, long time Toy Tonics friends Tuff City Kids and the great Nachtbraker from Heist recordings.

Download: https://toytonics.bandcamp.com/album/top-tracks-vol-5


1) Kapote – The Nose
2) COEO – Mydonna
3) Adesse Versions – After Hours
4) Black Loops – Cassette 7
5) Metropolitan Soul Museum – A&E (Tuff City Kids Remix)
6) Rhode & Brown – St. Hippolyte
7) Kapote – Luftikuss (Mark E Remix)
8) Zhut & Kapote – Make It Cold (Nachtbraker Remix)
9) Doug Gomez – Make Your Body Move
10) Kian T – Room 69