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PODCAST NR 16 – Rhode & Brown

Rhode & Brown just released their new EP on Toy Tonics. Nasty, dirty house tracks. Made with a MPC, some old vintage synths and lot of samples. And that’s their DJ style too. Lots of 2nd hand vinyl and outsider house tracks from small labels. The guys got style. Have a listen..

Listen on Spotify (including some bonus tracks Rhode & Brown picked)

01. Japanese Woman Talking
02. Morgan Fisher – Ice Melting
03. Julien Babinga – M’Bongui Percussions (Sound Voyage Ruff Edit)
04. Stone Jam – I’m In Love With You
05. Son Caribe – La Colegiala (Italo Disco Version)
06. Mozaika – Taba Taba (Unreleased PP)
07. Black Spuma – No Cube
08. Luca Lozano + Mr. Ho – F.U.B.U.
09. Roots Foundation – Aye-Le (Love Mix)
10. Brame & Hamo – Hurt You
11. Adam Feingold – Rapcha (PP’s Freq Mix)
12. Palms Trax – Outflight
13. Raze Of Pleasure – Alright
14. Ventla – Harataima