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PODCAST NR 21 – Kapote

Our buddy Kapote’s new Remix EP is out and as u know: everybody who makes an EP with Toy Tonics has to deliver a mix for our podcast series. Even when it’s the boss. So now Kapote. He mixes in his usual quite eclectic style: jazzy and disco vibes, old schooly house and new schooly broken beats. Lots of vinyl here (as Kapote is a nerdy collector).
Have fun. Good vibes!

Not to forget: Listen to Kapote’s “Toy Tonics Radio” Playlist on Spotify:


1) Paul Johnson – Let’s Sing
2) Aristocat – N.N.
3) Aroop Roy – Talkin Bout Life
4) Kapote – Salvation
5) Kapote – Temptation (Real J Remix)
6) Seb Wildblood – Coconut Oil
7) Tom Misch – South Of The River (Detroit Swindle Remix)
8) Jad & The – Strings That Never Win
9) Kapote – Unreleased Italian Jam
10: Black Loops & Innocent Soul – Black Soul
11) Coeo – Flesh World (Kapote’s Drum Jam Version)
12) Sano – El Juancho
14) Phil Asher – Namby It Aint (I Aint Sorry)
15) Kapote – Temptation
16) Doppelate – Four Feet Up The Stairs
17) JRBB – The Euclidean Trip through Paintings by Escher (Brandt Brauer Frick Interpretation)
18) Stimming x Lambert – Edelweiss (unreleased)