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Mangabey – Chicago Memory EP [TOYT083]


Mangabey is the new kid in the Toy Tonics crew. Jazz piano virtuoso, synth collector and producer of magnificent funk house tracks. Born in the south of France in a family of traveling artists. As a kid he has been living on a boat and in caravans, traveling France and Africa with his parents’ wild theater collective. Jose Fehner aka Mangabey had for sure an adventurous life.

But while all his family consists of actors – Jose is a music boy. He started playing piano at age of 6 and later studied Jazz at the conservatory. He also started Hip Hop production at age of 15 and became a mad collector of Afro-American music. While finishing his piano studies he felt in love with synthesizers and by now he is quite a wizard when he plays all his rare keyboards live.

Mangabey at the moment loves to make 4 to the floor-tracks. He plays most instruments himself and creates mad energetic trips full of soulish vibes and funky solos. Reminding the vibe of Nuyorican Soul or the West London scene from 20 years ago. But Jose Mangabey has his own touch. An own mood. Extremely funky, organic sounding, warm vibing and tight like shit. Very contemporary. An atmosphere that fits perfectly with the vibes of his French friend Foulamour – who added a remix for this EP.

RELEASED 2018-06-22