Toy Tonics is an independent music label and culture crew with international artists primarily based in Berlin.
We release music, T-shirts,  posters and a fanzine. And we organize the TOY TONICS JAMS where we spread our style and vibe. Read more…

Mushroom House Compilation Vol. 2 [TOYT085]

MUSHROOM HOUSE is the Toy Tonics series for indie-afro-weirdo dancemusic. On this compilation you’ll find the 11 best tracks: Guest producers Kiwi, Harry Wolfman, Hugo Capablanca, Art Alfie from Studio Barnhus and Vito & Druzzi from New York‘s Throne of Blood made these unusual tracks for the Toy Tonics series. Red Axes, DJ Sprinkles, Joe Claussell contributed remixes. There is also Italian fashion designer Marcelo Burlon featured on one track (the wonderful Mamaraccho by The Barking Dogs). All tracks made exclusively for Toy Tonics. Out on vinyl and as 11 track compilation. Artwork by Adrian Velazco and Paze.

RELEASED 2018-08-17