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PODCAST NR 27 – Kapote

New Kapote mixtape! A little sonic travel starting with Art Alfie’s recent debut on Toy Tonics (Listen here), surfing through current releases of some Toy Tonics friends (Marcel Vogel’s current single, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Lipelis, Fazer…) and some 90s german techno funk (Decomposed Subsonic / Ladomat), finally ending with obscure organic live played „Band-Techno” by Munich’s amazing LBT crew. All grooving in a nasty mid-tempo vibe. Because nobody likes to ride to fast these days… have fun!

1) Art Alfie – Like I Said [Toy Tonics]
2) Marcel Vogel – Brown Curls (Nebraska Remix)
3) Books – Sour Grapes
4) Delano Smith – Nebula
5) Kapote – Steal the Fuzz [Toy Tonics]
6) Lipelis – Video Track
7) Decomposed Subsonic – Inside
8) Phenomenal Handclap Band – Judge Not (Ray Mang Reprise) [Toy Tonics]
9) Essentiel track but who knows what it is?
10) Kapote – Yeah Pass it [Toy Tonics]
11) Sidestepper – Fuego
12) Yak – Mido
13) Art Alfie – Bondkatten [Toy Tonics]
14) Fazer – White Sedan (Glenn Astro & Hodini Remix)
15) LBT – Way up in the Blue