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PODCAST NR 32 – Kapote

Every 2 – 3 weeks you get a new Toy Tonics podcast. And as Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote just released his „Brasiliko“ EP it makes sense to make him do the new mixtape. So here you get 80 minutes of Kapote wildstyle. Lot of funk and disco influenced tracks in the beginning. Lot of unreleased edits by COEO, Delfonic from OYE records and Mr. Kapote himself.
The longer the mix flows – the more extravagant the music gets. In the second half of the mix you get unreleased edits of early 1970ies spiritual Jazz and Funk records that will be released in a couple of months on a new Edit label. And the last 2 tracks are Kapote edits of rare German New Wave Funk from the 1980ies. These 2 edits will be part of “TEUTONIK DISASTER”: a compilation with edits of german discopunk that we’ll release on Toy Tonics in march – on a double vinyl. Watch out for the weird shit!

1. Kamazu – Indaba Kabani
2. Stay Away (COEO Edit) (unreleased)
3. Kapote – Brasiliko (Giovanni Damico Remix)
4. Mangabey – Just Luv Machines (unreleased)
5. Sano – Menelao
6. Kapote – Salva Tion
7. La Botera (Delfonic Edit) (unreleased)
8. Giovanni Damico – Essential
9. Kapote – Carlosissimo Edit (unreleased)
10. Mangabey – My Sax (unreleased)
11. FYI Chris – Encounters
12. Camilla Motor – Gefahr Im Tivoli (Kapote Edit) (unreleased)
13. Carmen – Schlaraffen Land (Kapote Edit) (unreleased)