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PODCAST NR 36- KAPOTE Balearic Beach Bastard Mixx

Here comes a new mixtape by brother Kapote. Full of percussion disco and beach beats. Enjoy!

1. Kapote – Brasiliko (Byron The Aquarius Remix)
2. Idjut Boys – Whok Tish
3. Ron Basejam – After The Rain
4. Ray Mang – CC Amor Remake
5. Kaz James & Nick Morgan – Paradise
6. Dan Shake – Wake, Bake, Shake
7. D.Y.A . – La Di Da Di
8. Phantom Slasher – Cought Short
9. Munk – Misterio (Severino Horse Meat Disco Remix)
10. Daniel Haaksman – Extasi (Glimmer Twins Remix)
11. DJ Sano – Menelao
12. COEO – Flesh World (Kapote Remix)