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Sano & Kapote – Toolos Latinos [TOYT098]


This is a fresh cocktail for the summer. Sano from Medellín, Colombia (who released on Cómeme and Public Possession) and Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote created these 4 latin percussion tools for balearic DJ sets.
The guys met in Sevilla where they were booked as DJs and had a good time: Talking about Narco books, puertorican rhythm culture, their salsa heroes and favorite descargas. In fact Kapote has a heavy addiction for latin american music and collects salsa vinyl since a long time.
The vibe was set after a few bocadillos and spanish wines and they planned to do something together. So here you get the result: The music was made half in Kapote’s Berlin studio and half in Sano’s Barcelona home. Rhythm section on Wawanko courtesy of Phran from Venezuela (Sano’s studio partner in Barcelona).
Fun fact: Sano made three records on Public Possession. The Munich label made by Marvin & Valentino. Before starting Public Possession Valentino used to work for Gomma/Toy Tonics and he started to dj at the early days Gomma/Toy Tonics partys. The world is small.

RELEASED 2019-08-02