Toy Tonics is an independent music label and culture crew with international artists primarily based in Berlin.
We release music, T-shirts,  posters and a fanzine. And we organize the TOY TONICS JAMS where we spread our style and vibe. Read more…

Toy Tonics Edit Series part 7: Delfonic

Friendos! As u know from time to time we give away our own SECRET DJ WEAPONS to you. And now u get some heavy material again: Our friend Delfonic, who many will remember as the guy with the knowledge behind Berlin’s OYE record store and our new member in the Toy Tonics crew has sent us some of his fine reworks. If you ever saw him djing – he’s got all these obscure edits that make people explode on the dancefloor. So why not put some out into the world. Here we are… put fire on your floor too.