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Fényan x Kosmo Kint – Da Real EP [TOYT119]


This next Toy Tonics EP takes one more step into a futuristic sound that connects Broken Beat, House & Neo Soul. The EP was produced by Fényan aka Kwame. France based dancer and producer (originally from Martinique) who hooked up with Kosmo Kint. The soul singer raised in New York and since one year is part of The Toy Tonics crew in Berlin.

Fényan & Kosmo Kint met shortly after Kosmo Kint’s first release on Toy Tonics (the „Get Lost“ EP with french producer Mangabey). Together they created three magic sparkling pieces of music. A unique sound inspired by UK Jazz and the broken beat scene. A great further step in the evolution of uptempo Neo Soul dance music.

Fényan’s rhythms are special. The groove is unique. This music makes you dance differently. No wonder as Fényan is a professional dancer. He is travelling around the world teaching dancing with his own company and is a judge on international dance battles. Besides dancing, he has been producing beats since the age of 19 on his MPC. Check this out.

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. 

RELEASED 2021-05-21