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Nathalie Duchene – Praia EP [TOYT132]


Nathalie Duchene is the new entry on the Toy Tonics rooster. Upcoming DJ and producer talent from Paris with prominent protégées: Yuksek and Boombass of Cassius are the ones who helped her to get introduced to the French scene and to shape the skills as DJ and producer of her own music. Since she came to Paris from Belgium in 2008 at the age of 19 it were these two encouraging her to make music. And by now, after observing the good artists and developing a real obsession (not only) for club music she became a steady member of the new Parisian house scene. She regularly plays in the main Parisian clubs such as the Rex, Silencio and Sacre. And being known for excellent DJ and selector skills able to create deep and colorful musical atmospheres, she also gets often invited to play happenings of brands like Louis Vuitton, Numero Magazine or the off – parties at Cannes Film Festival.

In fact by now Nathalie has strong connections not only in the growing new French house scene but also to the French movie world. Since living in Paris she wrote a few pieces of music for movies (and fashion shows) and it looks like there will be more engagements in the future. Nathalie’s music production skills are impressing.

Now, after DJing for a couple of years, spending endless hours in the studio to learn – Nathalie is ready for her own dancefloor EP. Three sunny electronic tracks, disco, Balearic house vibes that avoid cliches, instead play with atmospheres and vibes that feel familiar and catch you quickly, without being too direct.

It makes total sense to release these on Toy Tonics. Not just because France is one of the countries with the biggest Toy Tonics fanbase, but also because Cassius and Yuksek have always been „heroes“ to the TT crew. It all makes sense. Nathalie Duchene’s first EP „Praia“ is out on march 11th including remixes by Yuksek, Boombass and Carl Chaste.

RELEASED 2022-18-03