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Fimiani – Amore Latino EP [TOYT151]

Toy Tonics comes up with a new house record by an artist by FIMIANI aka BPlan. DJ and producer from Napoli / Italia that has already been doing edits of extremely rare Italian disco tracks since three years on his own imprint Caffè Corretto. 

FIMIANI’s “Amore Latino“ EP is his debut as a producer, is all played live, no samples and consist of 4 house tracks that remind the early 1990ies New York house sound of Masters at Work, François Kevorkian or legendary Body & Soul club. Based on rolling funk grooves using a lot of jazzy piano chords, organs, real bass players and horns. This stuff is super musically and listenable also at home.

FIMIANI who comes from the region of Napoli, (or better the beautiful island of Ischia) is not only an edit maestro and skilled producer, but organized a summer house festival. He knows the history and is deeply inspired by the Italian house scene from the mid 1980ies/ 1990ies. 
People who know the history of dance music will be aware that the house is an Italo-Amercacn „invention“. Italians not only created the music called Italo disco, that was the big inspiration for many (American) dance music producers of the 1980ies and 90ies. The Italians also created the blueprint for what later became House music.
The original house music producers in Chicago always told the story of how they were impressed by the Italian sounds from 1981 – 1986. HOT MIX 5, the DJs that basically started the house genre and the term “house music” were playing the early Italian electronic dance records and got inspired by them for doing their own music later. Kano’s “It’s a War” or “Dirty Talk” and “MBO Theme” from Klein & MBO, “I Need Love” from Capricorn, “Love-N-Music” from Ris, “Dance Forever” from Gaucho and many other Italian records from the early 1980ies made their way to Chicago (and New York) and were one of the reasons the Chicago DJ to start to produce their own first electronic dance music, as they told this themselves in many interviews. The American DJs bought the same early electronic machines and were inspired by these Italian records. These mid 1980ies early Chicago productions then were played at the Warehouse club and ended up being called House Music.

That sound later influenced many New York producers of the 1990ies and also many Italian producers who, in the 1990ies created their own versions of the Chicago genre and called it “Italo-House”. This strong connection between Italo house and American house can be also seen in the fact that many American house DJs found a second home in Italy where house music became sort of mainstream in the late 1980 and 1990ies. 
Thanks to national-wide radios like Radio DEEJAY who were turning club hits into mainstream anthems, and thanks to party promoters like Angels of Love in Napoli or the Italian pioneers of the House parties in Rimini & Riccione Like Vae Victis, Echoes and the party Magic Monday, where American house producers found a second home. DJs like David Morales were living in Italy and artists like Tony Humphries or Masters at Work played at national radio and had hit singles in Italy – while still being underground in other European countries.

House is an Italo-American affair, and Fimiani is a late example of this perfect union.

Released: 21.07.2023