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Gee Lane – Metamorphosis EP [TOYT156]

Toy Tonics · Gee Lane – Metamorphosis EP [TOYT156]

Toy Tonics signed Gee Lane also known as Virginie. Her debut Metamorphosis EP (with remixes by Demi Riquísimo and Divorce From New York Remix & PIEK) will come out in October.
Gee Lane is a Venezuelan DJ and vinyl digger based in Barcelona. Gee Lane has been djing with the Toy Tonics Krew already for more than a year now. Kids who go to dance to the Toy Tonics Jam happenings around Europe might have seen her jamming with Kapote and the TT krew and spreading her fabulous music with an extremely positive energy and attitude. Gee Lane is a unique personality with a very strong style (in music but also as a person) and very elaborated ability to read and play with the dancers. Now she delivers her first ever EP. Recorded in Barcelona and Berlin with a little help by Robin Braum from Athlete Whippet. And it reflects well her roots and passion for everything what came out from New York in sense of dance culture. You can hear influences from the 80‘ promo disco scenes as well as the 1990 Body & Soul/ Francois Kervorkian ä/ Joe Claussell universe. In fact Gee Lane after being raised in Cara as and musically educated by her father from a very early age, (a composer and musician) she moved to New York at a very young age in the late 90’s where she fell in love with the HOUSE scene. And especially everything that happened at the famous and influential ’Body & Soul’ club.

This culture increased her curiosity to become a DJ (and vinyl digger herself) who is not just interested in house music but wants to explore other genres such as funk , Hip-Hop , jazz and Latin sounds and include these vibes into her DJ sets. A vinyl collector (and long time record shop employee) since then, she is known for her musical eclecticism that leads her to mix everything what she wants …

Besides her DJ activity she is the host of the radio show: Table For Two on Radio d59b (Belgrade/Berlin).

Gee Lane now is a steady member of the Toy Tonics Krew and is already playing the Toy Tonics Jams all around Europe. A second EP is in the making.

On remix duty on this EP: Demi Riquísimo and Divorce From New York & PIEK.

Released 13.10.23