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DJ Sneak – The Son of Chicago EP [TOYT153]

Toy Tonics · DJ Sneak – The Son of Chicago EP [TOYT153]

DJ SNEAK on Toy Tonics! Yes. It’s happening. 

Another US legend joins the German house label. After Kai Alcé (EP on Toy Tonics in September 2023) and Joe Claussell who did an amazing remix for the label some time ago, now it’s DJ Sneak. 

It makes sense, as Toy Tonics stands for that funky mix of three main influences: original American soul-based house music, the italo disco heritage and the more London or Paris 1990ies wildstyle house sound.
DJ Sneak reached out to the label last year, giving his props and showing love for many of Toy Tonics releases, and the guys immediately invited him to join the label with an EP as it’s also his sound that is getting so popular again with the younger dance generation.
So here it is: 6 tracks (4 on the vinyl) that remind the classic, bumping DJ Sneak sound. Full of energy and emotion. Perfect for the dance floors of today and great to introduce the maestro to the kids who love house now but have never heard about the grandmasters.

Released: 25.01.24