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Stump Valley – Everytime EP [TOYT158]

Toy Tonics · Stump Valley – Everytime EP [TOYT158]

Stump Valley joins Toy Tonics! 

The Italian-Ukrainian DJ and producer duo (based between Turin and Berlin) will release their first EP on Toy Tonics. Stump Valley is an established name in the new disco/underground house and selector scene. They are famous for being among the Italian DJs with most knowledge of „Italo Disco“ and the whole culture of the Italian club and dance world of the 1970ies and 1980ies. (Italy was THE disco and club country in that period).

Their debut album „Natural Race“ was released on Dekmantel in 2019.
But they got their first attention much earlier when they released their EP “Magica Movida” on Rush Hour as a tribute to DJ Peppe Afro, an unsung hero of the Italian Cosmic Era from whom they inherited a large collection of records. Following the steps of “Magica Movida”, in 2021 the guys released “Melody Mecca” a tribute to one of the most iconic clubs of the 80’s Italian Afro scene. 

Alexei and Francesco are by now very connected in the dance world. They joined forces with musicians and renowned acts like NuGenea and Peggy Gou. In fact, Alexei tours as an opening act for her DJs sets and also released two EPs under the pseudonym Brain De Palma on Peggy’s label Gudu Records, Francesco is a resident of the Italian diggers crew Ciao! Discoteca Italiana.
Their production reflects the Italo approach to the club culture. Their concept evolves from a dusty warm old school sound into modern aesthetics. 

Everytime EP is a message of love and unity that brings Stump Valley back to the feature with vocals that float in between house and Italo. The first track ‘A Bun Dance’, reminds of the early New York house but with an Italian approach. The singer is Detroit’s LRenee, already known for her collabs with Omar-S on S.E.X., Fit Siegel and many others. On ‘Lunatica’, a deep italo interlude, we fly to the moon with the Italian vocals of Senatricks. ‘Everytime’, the title track shows a more euro approach to the house and pay’s tribute to Stump Valleys origins with the collaboration of the Ukrainian prodigy Ready in Led that being based in Kyiv during these tough times keeps on spreading love with her languid vocals! Both ‘A Bun Dance’ and ‘Everytime’ come with the instrumental versions to gratify the instrumental dub purists too.

When it comes to their DJ set, both have quite a fame for being voracious diggers with a very good understanding of dance-floors and being able to create magic moments with super rare records. They accurately dig into rare grooves and their way to create a singular mix of genres brought them to play Panorama Bar, Warehouse Project, Concrete, Rex, Corsica Studios, Le Bain NY, Boiler Room. They are regulars at Ortigia Sound System Festival, C2C and Dekmantel festivals (Lente Kabinet, Dekmantel and Selectors). 

Stump Valley tracks are also featured on Soul Clap Records: Italo Funk Compilation Vol. 2, on the last Driving Blind Vol.3 Compilation from Les Yeux Orange and the 8th edition of Permanent Vacation VA compilation.

Released: 16.02.24