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New Kapote single out now: The See Me

It has almost been four years since our head honcho Mathias Modica aka Kapote has released his own music. Since his album „What It Is” there have just been three remixes and one collaboration (with Kosmo Kint). Why? Because he was so busy building up the Toy Tonics label with the TT crew and because he helped other artists a lot to produce their music. Now this will change! 2024 there will be a lot of new Kapote music. 
Three EPs and one album are planned. The first EP will be called „The Electric Slide“. Out in a few weeks. Two songs have already been released:
 „The Come On“ and „The See Me“. Listen to them on all streaming platforms. 
The sound can be described as a mix of sintwave, italo-disco and disco funk. All instruments were played by Kapote. Recorded and engineered at Dance System Studios London.