Toy Tonics is an independent music label and culture crew with international artists primarily based in Berlin.
We release music, T-shirts,  posters and a fanzine. And we organize the TOY TONICS JAMS where we spread our style and vibe. Read more…

Paul Older: Guapita – out now!

Toy Tonics comes with the first EP by Paul Older. Italian hero of vinyl diggers and maestro of rare edits. Paul is known for doing some of the sickest versions of rare jazz funk and Italian disco around. Played by every important DJ of the scene. Finally, now he did his first „legal“ record. Four mad tracks based on recording of real musicians and bands from the Sonoton catalogue that he reworked legally and created smashing tracks for the dancefloors. This is amazing organic dance music. Live bass, drums, guitars and keyboards… played in a Afro-American vibe turned into modern house and indie dance that will put every dance floor on fire.