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Fimiani – Disco Music EP [TOYT168]

Toy Tonics · Fimiani – Disco Music EP [TOYT168]

Toy Tonics comes up with a new house record by producer, DJ, vinyl digger FIMIANI aka BPlan from Napoli/Italia. This is a perfect combination of everything that forms the basis of real HOUSE music: Afro, Italo, Latin and Soul. 3 killer tracks for the disco dance floors. Including the party anthem, DISCO MUSIC that has been played by Toy Tonics DJ since one year at every label party with amazing results. This is a HIT! Besides this the new EP also includes Cic Ciac: one amazing latin house song with vocals performed in Neapolitan that could also work well on the radio, and Drums from the Motherland, an Afro disco track that connects perfect disco and neo soul house vibes. All recorded with real musicians (no samples). 

FIMIANI’s new EP is a follow-up to his debut on Toy Tonics called  “Amore Latino” EP. He makes house tracks that remind the early 1990ies New York house-sound of Masters at Work, François Kevorkian or Frankie Knuckles. Based on rolling funk grooves using a lot of jazzy piano chords, organs, real bass players and horns. Besides doing his own tracks on Toy Tonics, he also does edits of rare Italian disco tracks for 3 years under his own imprint, Caffè Corretto under the name BPLAN.

FIMIANI who comes from the region of Napoli, (the island called Ischia), is not only an edit maestro and skilled producer, but knows the history and is deeply inspired by the Italian house scene from the mid 1980ies/ 1990ies.

People who know the history of dance music will be aware that the house is an Italo-American “invention”. Italians not only created the music called Italo disco, that was the big inspiration for many (American) dance music producers of the 1980ies and 90ies. The Italians also created the blueprint for, that was later to become house music.

House is an Italo-American affair, and Fimiani is a late example of this perfect union. And Fimani is a perfect example how to connect all the basic inspiration of real house music: Italo, Afro, Latin and Disco.

Album released 14.06.24