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Sam Ruffillo & Kapote – Robot Salsa EP [TOYT171]

Toy Tonics · Sam Ruffillo & Kapote – Robot Salsa EP [TOYT171]

Toy Tonics head honcho Kapote teamed up with the label’s Italian disco king Sam Ruffillo to make a Latin House EP for the summer. Three tracks that fit great with the new wave of latino beats invading the house dance floors this summer. The short versions of these songs might work well on radios, but the long versions are pure DJ and dancer’s fun. The two guys are probably Toy Tonics main DJ duo now. They have been DJing every weekend of the last year in some of the best clubs in Europe. They are residents at Panorama Bar Berlin now and have been invited to share the same stage as Kaytranda and Jessie Ware at Sonar Festival 2024. And they have the right music for this summer. Latin House!

After years of dominance of Afro House, the grooves of South America seem to become the new thing in many DJs sets. The influences from Salsa, Boogaloo and other tropical elements, the hard Latin piano riffs connected with cowbells and a lot of conga grooves were already there last summer. But now it’s the time they take over many dance floors. 

On this EP Sam Ruffillo and Kapote played all instruments themself. No samples. Instead pianos, basses, percussion, and guitars were played by the guys. Vocals also performed by the boys. This stuff is made to sing along. The rhythms and the chords catch you immediately. The melodies make you join the „band“. 

People who know Toy Tonics and the guys well, know that the both come from „real“ music-making. The guys have been playing in bands, doing jazz and funk music, before becoming dance producers and DJs. And now they combine all these skills and turn it into musically super catchy dance tracks. 

Latin house is a thing now. And Sam & Kapote have the grooves for it.

Album released 28.06.24