Toy Tonics is an independent music label and culture crew with international artists primarily based in Berlin.
We release music, T-shirts,  posters and a fanzine. And we organize the TOY TONICS JAMS where we spread our style and vibe. Read more…

Jaxx TMS

Jaxx TMS is the new member of the Toy Tonics DJ gang. Based in Berlin she is a Selector and Organizer, Show Host on Refuge Worldwide and member of the all-female creative Collective SLIC Unit. In Berlin she is one of the new buzzed names in the post-techno reality and well-known for her eclectic and wide musical range. Mixing American house vibes with different genres from Calypso, Soca, Dancehall to Soul, Hip Hop and new funky Electronic Rhythms.

In the last 5 years she shaped her unique way of DJ sets and worked hard to create a very own energetic international sound.

It’s just five years ago that she turned her passion for music into the will to be a professional DJ with her own specific message and style. Since then she became one of the hottest names in the new Berlin scene and  has been invited by TRESOR, Heideglühen, ARTE Concerts, Musicbox Lisbon, South African Clubs and many more to spread her fantasic musical taste. 

She also was invited to do shows on radios like HÖR, NTS, Balamii, Dublab, Hotel Radio Paris, EAST SIDE RADIO LISBON or the Ransome Note. She has been also playing at several Toy Tonics Jams and soon gonna release her music on TT.