Category: Alixander III

  • TOYT041 : Alixander III – Heavy Friends Pt. II

    AZARI & III main man and solo producer Alixander III comes up with a second EP for Toy Tonics records.  Raw vintage funk techno from outta space. Buy the vinyl (300 limited) or check it out here: RELEASED 14 SEPTEMBER 2015 GET IT ON DEEJAY.DE

  • TOYT033: Alixander III – Heavy Friends EP

    Breaking news! AZARI & III have finally split up and AZARI’s main man Alixander III joined the Toy Tonics records crew! His first TT release is a 3 track EP of vocal laden, machine funking collaborations featuring guest vocalists and producers from his hometown of Toronto, Canada. From the silken strains of the forbidden love […]