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Category: Athlete Whippet

  • Athlete Whippet – Nogueira EP [TOYT128]

    Athlete Whippet – Nogueira EP [TOYT128]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL Athlete Whippet return to Toy Tonics with an EP showcasing emotionally layered dance tracks and their refusal to stick to genre conventions. The duo are synonymous with sublime cuts that are just as suited to late nights and early mornings on the dancefloor, as they are to home-listening, this perfectly…

  • Athlete Whippet – Vesta [TOYT118]

    Athlete Whippet – Vesta [TOYT118]

    STREAM / DOWNLOAD / VINYL A new artist on TT! Athlete Whippet join the Toy Tonics family! The London/ Berlin-based duo makes a sound that is based on futuristic breakbeats combined with deep jazz chord progressions and a kind of funk that sounds more like it was made in 2100 than in a year behind…