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  • Top Tracks Vol. 6 EP [TOYT088]

    Top Tracks Vol. 6 EP [TOYT088]

      Demuja, Harry Wolfman, Jad & The, Felipe Gordon and Black Loops on one EP! Toy Tonics has released the EPs from the hype kids of the new funk house scene in 2018. But a few of their goodies had not been pressed on vinyl yet and so here they come on black gold! Some […]

  • Demuja – Turn Around EP [TOYT070]

    Demuja – Turn Around EP [TOYT070]

      Demuja comes with an EP on Toy Tonics. Yes. The Austrian sample house wizzard and the German dancefloor funk label get together. Makes sense. Both love the same stuff: rare disco vinyl, vintage music machines, old samplers, black American house music … with a French touch and Toy Tonics tightness. RELEASED 2018-03-23