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Category: Kian T

  • Kian T – Room 69 [TOYT059]

    Kian T – Room 69 [TOYT059]

    Mysterious producer KIAN T is a crazy guy – living in a lonely house on a top of a hill somewhere in Italy. Surrounded by a collection of rare old synths and vintage samplers, a little dog and the best red wine of Italy. Kian T is making beats all day long. That’s his life.…

  • TOYT031: Kian T – In My Eyes

    TOYT031: Kian T – In My Eyes

    A new artist on Toy Tonics. Andrea Pedra is a 100% analogue instruments and music nerd. Living in the middle of Chianti hills in Tuscany – where the good red wines come from. Dedicating 100% of his time to music. Producing tons of tracks in a cave – studio on the top of a hill.…