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  • Mangabey – Try To Chill [TOYT092]

    Mangabey – Try To Chill [TOYT092]

    GET VINYL / DOWNLOAD Mangabey, jazzpiano wizzard and amazingly talented electronic producer coming up with his 3rd EP on his home label Toy Tonics. The French kid already has a prominent fanbase: From Joe Goddard to Virgil Abloh and Laurent Garnier.. lot of good taste DJs have been playing his last Toy Tonics releases. He […]

  • Mangabey – Joy Kill [TOYT087]

    Mangabey – Joy Kill [TOYT087]

      When Fouk & Glenn Astro remix a new artist you know what the vibe is: Dirty DIY house with a heavy funk vibe. Mangabey is the new kid on the Toy Tonics family and he is a master of this style. He lives in Lyon/ France (and is a good friend of Folamour who […]

  • Kapote – Yeah Pass It [TOYT086]

    Kapote – Yeah Pass It [TOYT086]

      Kapote comes back with a new EP! Kapote = Toy Tonics head honcho, maniac record collector, A&R with special Jazzfunk taste, producer of lotta TT records, excellent DJ (with great dedication and knowledge of no border ecclectic selectorism) and last but not least: founder of Toy Tonic records with magic Mr. Munk (who plays […]

  • Mangabey – Chicago Memory EP [TOYT083]

    Mangabey – Chicago Memory EP [TOYT083]

      Mangabey is the new kid in the Toy Tonics crew. Jazz piano virtuoso, synth collector and producer of magnificent funk house tracks. Born in the south of France in a family of traveling artists. As a kid he has been living on a boat and in caravans, traveling France and Africa with his parents’ […]