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  • Top Tracks Vol. 6 EP [TOYT088]

      Demuja, Harry Wolfman, Jad & The, Felipe Gordon and Black Loops on one EP! Toy Tonics has released the EPs from the hype kids of the new funk house scene in 2018. But a few of their goodies had not been pressed on vinyl yet and so here they come on black gold! Some […]

  • Black Loops & Innocent Soul – High Cutz [TOYT077]

      This one is for people who like the real disco tools. For dudes who love the style of DJ Harvey, Prins Thomas or Todd Terje. For DJ’s that want the girls to dance. Toy Tonics lead honcho Black Loops teamed up with italo-spanish DJ Innocent Soul in his Berlin studio. Do we have to […]

  • Jockey Jams No. 2 [TOYT072]

    “Jockey Jams” are the Various Artists EPs on Toy Tonics. No.2 features Toy Tonics frontline boys Black Loops with a collabo track: The voice comes from Felipe Gordon – upcoming DJ and producer from Bogota/Colombia. Probably the most melodic and swingful Black Loops work ever. Felipe Gordon is also included with an own track here: […]

  • Black Loops – Red Light EP [TOYT069]

    Here comes the new Black Loops EP! And by now you know what to expect: These irresistible rolling groove patterns with that unique warm Black Loops-feeling. That special vibe that made Black Loops one of the leading artists on Toy Tonics. By now it’s exactly four years that they released their debut EP „Right Now“ […]

  • TOYT057: Jockey Jams

    Jockey Jams: The Toy Tonics label started this irregular series of Various Artist EPs. First issue includes a space electronica jam by Moritz Butschek who is working at Toy Tonics office and is starting to put out own great tracks now. Then you get a high energetic funk house track by Pixel82 & Justamine vs […]

  • TOYT053: Black Loops – Cassette EP

    Here comes a new BLACK LOOPS EP including remixes by munich based COEO and Neovinyl’s CARLO. They go smooth this time. Rhodes pianos, some jazzy chords, a rolling beat. The two guys know how to make a swinging loop. And they got style. No wonder as one is a funk drummer – Riccardo – who […]

  • TOYT034: Black Loops – No Questions (incl. Ardalan Remix)

    Dirtybird’s shooting star ARDALAN has been a Toy Tonics supporter since day one. Now he also is featured on the new Black Loops EP with a bomb remix. Fits well as the two Italian guys have started to have a good buzz around in the tech-funk scene around the world since they started to release […]

  • TOYT023: Black Loops – Lovelite

    Black Loops are having a good buzz right now. Lovelite is their third single for Toy Tonics. The Italian boys are part of the new BIG SCENE of Italian electronic producers living in Berlin. Tale of Us, Esperanza, Stefano Ritteri.. THEY ALL HANG OUT IN BERLIN KREUZBERG studios… doing fresh style of electronic sounds. Black […]

  • TOYT014 : Black Loops – Rollin’ EP (incl. S.K.A.M. & Gropina Remix)

    If Loco Dice, Art Department, Audiojack, Damian Lazarus, Solomun, Florian Meindl and many other top league DJs freak out about your first release – you can be sure this artist has a good start into the scene. BLACK LOOPS’ first EP on Toy Tonics had such a feedback. And so the label urged the guys […]

  • TOYT011 : Black Loops – Right Now EP (incl. Double Dash Remix)

    The new Toy Tonics single comes by BLACK LOOPS. Two kids who make hot electronic funk and great super macho house. Imagine the early days Dirtybird sound cooked up with a bit of Berlin Techno and a pinch of Italian “touch”. In fact Black Loops are from Italy: In fact Black Loops are from Italy: […]