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Category: Kapote

  • Kapote – Remix EP [TOYT078]

    Kapote – Remix EP [TOYT078]

      The new Toy Tonics EP features four remixes of Kapote – tracks. New and exclusive works by FYI Chris (Rhythm Section Intl), Marvin & Guy (Life & Death), Art Alfie (Studio Barnhus) and French newcomer Real J. RELEASED 2018-03-02 VINYL & DOWNLOAD

  • Kapote – Temptation [TOYT074]

    Kapote – Temptation [TOYT074]

    New Kapote EP is there… and you’ll love it! :) Keyboards and bass played by Munk. Except the sampled one on “Temptation”… Moody music… EP release date: 1 December 2017 Vinyl & Download: https://toytonics.bandcamp.com/album/temptation & on all other platforms

  • Mushroom House EP4 [TOYT068]

    Mushroom House EP4 [TOYT068]

    Joe Claussell joined the MUSHROOM HOUSE series! The New York City DJ and music originator made one of his rare remixes. For the Toy Tonics series. Claussell is a pioneer. Blending African and Brazilian rhythms with Disco and House since the early 1990ies. Inspiring the music world with his labels Spiritual Life Music and Ibadan…

  • Jockey Jams No. 2 [TOYT072]

    Jockey Jams No. 2 [TOYT072]

    “Jockey Jams” are the Various Artists EPs on Toy Tonics. No.2 features Toy Tonics frontline boys Black Loops with a collabo track: The voice comes from Felipe Gordon – upcoming DJ and producer from Bogota/Colombia. Probably the most melodic and swingful Black Loops work ever. Felipe Gordon is also included with an own track here:…

  • Kapote – The Body Move [TOYT066]

    Kapote – The Body Move [TOYT066]

    Monsieur KAPOTE comes back with another deep funk house EP on Toy Tonics. Slap Bass, Wurlitzer Jazz Pianos, Old school house drum machines, nasty talks. This new three- tracker continues the vibe of his last single „The Nose“ (that went no.1 on Traxsource and Juno and is still getting hammered by DJs from all kind…

  • Kapote – Get Down Brother [TOYT060]

    Kapote – Get Down Brother [TOYT060]

    Kapote loves the funk. And he loves Blaxploitation movies. The black underground cinema from the 1970ies. Kapote samples dirty talk from these movies and puts it on his bass lines. Melodic bass lines with a heavy 1970 funk vibe. Bass lines that can create a sexual tension. Kapote adds a few warm, jazzy Rhodes piano…

  • Mushroom House EP2 [TOYT054]

    Mushroom House EP2 [TOYT054]

    Toy Tonics going Afro House. The Mushroom House compilation series part brings 4 unreleased tracks. Including two of the most relevant names of the growing scene: Auntie Flo from UK and mysterious producer Hyenah. Hyenah is a favourite of the scene’s main man Black Coffee and DJs like Dixon and the Innervisions circle are heavy…

  • TOYT049: Zhut & Kapote – So Damn Hot

    TOYT049: Zhut & Kapote – So Damn Hot

    ZHUT & KAPOTE are part of that new wave of Berlin producer kids that are doing dirty, funk-based house music. Max Graef, Session Victim, Hodini… There is a growing scene of producers that do dance music that is far away from that 90ies techno revival sound that has become kind of a Berlin tourist cliche.…

  • TOYT048: Kapote – Luftikuss

    TOYT048: Kapote – Luftikuss

    Toy Tonics come up with a new EP by German freaky wunderkind KAPOTE. Two tracks that combine orchestral sounds, choirs, balinese xylophones with a straight, but never aggressive house beat. Coming with two remixes by British Techno legend MARK E You might think about Metro Area’s classic album from 2001 when you hear this, as…

  • TOYT045: Kapote – Fuck Music (incl. Session Victim Remix)

    TOYT045: Kapote – Fuck Music (incl. Session Victim Remix)

    The kid called KAPOTE is our new favorite man on the Toy Tonics camp.. : ) Coming up with his first own EP. Including a dancefloorfunk remix by his Berlin mates from SESSION VICTIM. Kapote is doing house music, but influenced by rare Funk and Soul music. Or better said: by the mid 1990ies wave…